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21 Professionals
38 Neighbors

What Drives Us

We seek to bring balance to economic rewards through the thoughtful application of advanced computer software and hardware. Enabling everyone to achieve their dreams by leveraging business intelligence strategies to inform decision making.

The future will be a place of trusted collaboration, real-time feedback, and supportive accountability that helps people navigate the complexities of life. We value transparency, accuracy, and trust.



Jason Golden
Founder & CEO
Daryl Smith
Founder & COO
Yvo Götz van der Vet
Founder & CTO


Karen Michelle TerMaat
Front Line Service Industry
Mariah Raftree
Small Business Owner & Operator
Frank van Schie
Software Quality Control
Zac Seidner
Lead Digital Creative
Alexander Smith
Business Development
Stone Hazlett
Business Finance

Advisors & Mentors

Cheyenne Deutscher
Team Development
Rebecca Tyler Alvino
Health & Safety
Alexis Tyler Austin
Education & Advocacy
Richard Gregory
Small Business Owner & Operator