Your a Travel Influencer

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You’re a Travel Influencer

You’ve amassed an amazing amount of experience and knowledge about travel and places around the world. Your unique perspective and content has a following.

In the future Day Dream will provide an easy, fun, and personal way to store and share your experience and knowledge with your audience in a community responsive and resource respectful way.

Today, a social media post about a beautiful or interesting location could mean great or catastrophic outcomes for those places when influencers drive audience to visit.

Our company wants to make travel more sustainable and responsive to destination community goals. And by using our app you can monetize your experience and knowledge of the world and be a part of the solution that helps communities manage their popularity.

Day Dream Technologies wants to make creating, sharing, and navigating recreational life easier. We think it’s important to get out there, and right now the average person lacks the context you can provide.

We are creating an on-device experience that makes it easy for people to experience the places you visit sustainably by design.

Our goal is to leverage software and hardware technology to support the human experience. Our focus is on experience forward products that tell a story. We believe physical connections with our environment and community are vital to our collective success, but today’s complex world makes doing so expensive and in some cases harmful to others.

We founded Day Dream Technologies to work on these problems, inspired by our personal and professional experience we believe it’s possible to create a solution focused on positive change through data and automation solutions for Professionals and Small Tourism Enterprises with experience forward menus.

We make analytic and automation software approachable for everyone.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.