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Your day is full of information sharing, direction giving and task delegation. Usually for multiple clients or properties or both, 24/7 – 365. You and your team are repeating a template for coordination of client activities and communication. For new arrivals, and locals exploring different neighborhoods.

Everyday you’re sharing detailed itineraries that describe communities, locations, and much more in a format your client can consume as they work through options you’ve provided.

Its a common workflow, the sequence, duration, and content relevant to the experience is well defined, best-practice is known. The challenge lies in how these processes can be improved over time, how they can support all participants, and provide an enhanced experiences through digital content accessible by mobile device.

You’d likely want a simple end-to-end solution that could automate routine task based on GPS or a set date a time. Perhaps you’d like to provide rich media content to your client as they navigate your property showing experience. With timely information presented at defined stops or locations along the way. Information about schools, public transport, and similar could be overlayed, providing an enhanced real-time communication channel.

Day Dream’s first app is a plan sharing app. A simple and engaging mobile application that helps people manage their life. It creates the foundation for a marketplace of experience products providing directional support, and context through trusted sources.

This app is a universal personal digital assistant concept that will help its user keep their life organized.

As a real estate professional, you can insert your brand into specific locations or concepts based on your brands specialty. As people look for real estate resource, they find you and can follow the content you create. When they engage your professional services in their new home hunt, the app provides a communication channel that supports their experience with your service.

The app can communicate detailed itineraries that tell the story you’d like your clients to hear as they experience home shopping through your brand powered by Day Dream Technologies.

As a Real Estate Professional using Day Dream’s myExperience App, you can simplify your workflows for services you provide. With software technology that automates the routine so you can focus on providing a premium experience that is hard to forget.

Day Dream makes guiding your client through their home buying experience more dynamic and compelling as your brand becomes their Super Hero in their hunt for a new home.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.