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If you had asked me twenty years ago where I would be today, I am not sure what I would have said.

I would have probably said something like - "working in health care technology and continuing to support the mission of healing my community through my technical talents." At that time, I enjoyed the work and could clearly see how my efforts improved outcomes for people.

I never really gave much thought to starting my own business. In my position I learned how complex resources integrate technology to help reduce costs, sustain resources, and develop best practices that help heal. I clearly had enough on my plate to keep me engaged for decades.

In 2014 I had a life changing event. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). A treatable form of Leukemia that requires a daily medication to remain in remission. For me the side effects are mild, but the experience changed me.

It took time, but as we arrived in 2018, we found our priorities had shifted. My husband and I made some life altering changes. We learned how to cook, and we enjoyed the process. We started daily walks. We unsubscribed from social media. We watched much less television, and we focused our free time onto reading books that helped us address challenges and improve our quality of life. We also had a ritual of going to the beach - our "church" if you will - and the inspiration for Beach Day Hawaii. This really gave us time to reconnect to nature and each other.

our inspiration

We lived what I would describe as a premium lifestyle. Our careers developed over 15 years in the San Francisco Bay area. Upon arriving in 2006 I found a role working in the Surgery department of a community hospital. Initially I was scheduling surgeries and other administrative related duties. Later this job would help me develop a unique perspective in health care as a non-clinical technical resource embedded directly in the clinical setting. I was uniquely positioned to learn a great deal about the industry's transition from paper charts to electronic medical records. Over the course of my near 20-year career in healthcare information technology, I learned a lot about how software, hardware, and analytics can help improve care and reduce costs.

This sounds a bit like an interview, and it is. I am interviewing for a very important position, one that I believe has the capacity for great social and economic change for billions of people.

It is through my experience supporting clinical professionals with automation, monitoring, and process improvement software and hardware that I found inspiration to create Day Dream Technologies. A company focused on leveraging analytics, human-in-loop automation, and artificial intelligence to support the human experience.

Starting with our first app, focused on managing your recreational life. So you don't have to. Creating a consumer app that is fun, easy and personal.

No, it is not just another “Travel” app.

We create a centralized space where you can share your itineraries, communicate with others, and find experiences that are personalized. Day Dream enhances your experience with physical brands. Small Business can consistently tell their story via your mobile device.

"Spend less time managing expectations and more time enjoying the people and places you visit."

Connecting these apps will be our Social Marketplace – a trusted marketplace connecting people to our trusted collaborators who make your dreams come true. Providing personalized service that aligns with your preferences, goals, and practices.

Our next app is for the small business or creative that integrates your brand into a premium mobile experience providing customers with direct access to accurate, immersive detail that establish expectations . Making your service brand the Superhero of your client's dreams. Offering enterprise grade automation and business intelligence embedded into your team's routine, making problems obvious and easy to solve.

Currently 95% of organizations struggle with technology designed to address business problems. Day Dreams cloud based intelligence manages the logistics, supply chain, and engagement so you can concentrate on creating premium services that allow you to quickly adapt to changes in consumer demand, interests, and skill level.

Individuals and established brands will be able to collaborate to provide innovative service products that will take the complexity out of bringing people together.

"The ultimate in Small Business Collaboration."

We are creating a transparent, supportive software, and hardware technology company that will open a new world of opportunity no matter your background. Our approachable software makes learning, refining, and monetizing a skill, product, or service easy, fun, and personal.

Later, our Community app will help them find opportunities, and view statistics on help them shape the future.

Like you...

We want a secure place to record the fun things we get up to.

We want an app that makes it easier to plan events with friends or coordinate group travel anywhere.

We're tired of exposing all our sensitive personal information and preferences all over the web through fragmented apps that ask too much to master.

We're tired of answering the same questions over. And over. And over again.

We want a solution that helps us navigate our world sustainably. One that helps us find the context for the places we visit.

We want this solution to help communities develop opportunities with secure, trusted marketplaces that welcome visitors and help locals protect their homes.

How it works today is not working.

Places we love are fading away as our love for them is not managed. Communities that support our experiences are providing care that costs them personally.

We want to make exploring the world easier.

Our company Beach Day Hawai’i helped Us understand the technology needs of Small Tourism Enterprise Businesses. A service company that simplified beach days with friends. Taking care of picking the ideal spot, providing all the gear, and even delivering lunch. These experience centric service models are gaining traction, with countries like New Zealand calling them ‘Small Tourism Enterprises’.

Beach Day service in action.

Though we had an opportunity to develop the business and hosted a few guests, we were forced to close the company as the Pandemic took hold. We archived the brand and focused on what we learned from the process. Today Day Dream Technologies Inc. carries those learnings forward through a technology company that seeks to make operating a service industry business easy, sustainable, and rewarding.

Intuitive mobile experience.

We want to make it easy to be consistent by creating approachable technology that anyone can use to navigate their world or monetize a skill, knowledge, or experience. Helping everyone leverage their data to navigate their communities and the places they visit efficiently, sustainably, and collectively.

If the vision for Day Dream Technologies inspires you please join our waitlist and share it with everyone you know.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.