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Hey, how’s things? I know, it’s nuts right!? Feels like things are spiraling, so many reasons to be overwhelmed, stressed out, and angry. It’s like someone invented some kind of technology that ask you to be presentation ready 24/7. Like an ill-informed college student found a loop hole in our brains and decided to exploit it for their own personal gain. Anyway, not why we’re here. Or is it?

Let’s be honest, no one expected this from me. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming until about 5 years ago, when dealing with political personalities jockeying for position using knowingly flawed data after decades of work in the healthcare information technology field, learning to implement large electronic medical record systems like Epic within a complex inter-connected network of hospitals in Northern California.

In 2018, 4 years after my CML diagnosis, something clicked. It’s at this point in our 25 years together that Daryl and I looked inward and sought meaningful change. Inspired by cannabis, curiosity, and a love for our relationship, we worked through our drama’n trauma™ to come out more focused and energized than before. It was like someone had flipped a light switch.

In 2019 we set off to build our first company. Beach Day Hawai’i. A brand that would leverage technology to responsibly craft experience products built around a day at the beach.

We got the idea one Sunday from a beach in California. A new routine that had us hiking hillsides to enjoy fresh air and sunshine on ideally overcast days. It was in one of this “church days,” fat and happy from lunch, a cocktail, and Indica, that we thought, “more people should have this.”

That was it. Our new found love of this dreary Northern California beach, 3 miles from our car down a treacherously narrow path down a cliff face.

For over 2 years we would take breaks here and reflect on life, our relationship, our reality, and where we wanted to be in the future. We started to recognize that our future wouldn’t look like our parent’s. I know, likely obvious to many of you, but we were entranced by media, social norms, and expectations from others. It wasn’t until we sought these moments of clarity that we started to truly see. And we wish those moments for everyone.

So we set off on a new adventure. Leaving our jobs and taking our cash and ass to Hawai’i.

But not before we spent a year learning what that would look like. Having taken on some impressive project management skills from my time with Stanford Health Care (yeah IDK why it’s two words).

I don’t think it clicked for me until this moment that I could use these skills to create something different. I could manage my own project, my own goals, and take control over our pace of travel and direction. Something my body was in desperate need of, as chemically induced cancers can lower your body's battery capacity, and some systems draw more power than others. I have to limit physical activity or my body will take longer to heal. This does not mean I can’t be productive in the world, it just means that I need to have more control over my routine to protect my health. And after realizing that our retirement would likely never come, either due to environmental collapse, early death, murder, or a pandemic. We were no longer willing to put control of our life in the hands of someone else anymore.

I don’t have a formal 4 year degree. Being neurodivergent and raised by a Boomer, there wasn’t a lot of emphasis put on mental health and as it is today, its often left untreated. It’s unfortunate that we’re wired this way. It’s even worse that our own government and corporations exploit it. I learned over 8 years how to implement projects in a surgical environments. How to help medical professionals create a digital copy of their clinical workflows. Designing reporting tools, creating automation solutions, digitally archiving documents. You name it, I did it. And I LOVED it.

Growing up the child of a nursing student, I loved healthcare. I loved it’s mission of healing, science, and self-improvement. Sure, it’s not perfect, and there is still A LOT of room to grow, but at least they stop and ask how they can do better, how they can protect patients…. Or if you will, People.

For nearly two decades I grew up in this space between people and technology. People often hostile to its presence. Yet they pushed through, came together and thought deeply about how software could help them do better. You see, as populations grow, demand on healthcare resources increase. See Pandemic. With the affordable care act laws where put into place that requires hospitals and care provides to migrate to electronic medical records. The purpose? A few reasons, chief among them was to provide transparency and leverage aggregated data to improve care, reduce cost, and identify opportunity. Healthcare in the US is a profit center after all.

Take a moment to read up on Epic Systems. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Okay, so a privately held human services company creates a massive database of interconnected interfaces that services multiple areas of the business like, surgery, pharmacy, supply chain, billing, documentation, training and even the cafeteria. You name it.

This interconnected system starts producing data on DAY 1. Massive amounts of it. Data so specific Apple, Meta, and just about any technology company would LOVE to see just a fraction of it. GOLDMINE! When we were thinking about Day Dream we found a healthcare company actively exploring travel and hospitality. It’s just one of several clues we’d come across while we thought about what Day Dream would look like and what it could do.

Healthcare uses your data in various ways, chief among them, reporting to the federal government on a very frequent basis that they aren’t intentionally, or unintentionally killing people with the care they provide. My job for many years was to facilitate the development of these reporting tools and teaching people how to use them.

We learned a lot from this experience. Daryl and I worked for much of this time in the same department, he’s an Air Force trained Surgical Technologist, and for over 33 years He’s been a Rockstar in the Operating Room supporting Surgeons. Because of this unique position we could see both sides of the technology experience and its affects on people and the care they provide. Having this experience and knowing where we wanted to end up. We set off to learn more about what creating a business would look like. How it would work, and what the impact of that business would have on the community we’d operate within. At the time Hawai’i was stressing out, over 10 million people visited them in 2019 and it seemed the community was struggling to adapt, to create systems they could trust to protect their homes, the environment, and the people creating the experience for visitors. It was not great, and honestly it still isn’t. Every so often you hear of hospitality workers killing themselves, as a result of the stress the work and economics have on their wellbeing. Imaging living in Disney 24/7 and being expected to create the scene and transparently manage the demand, instantly, without fail. Or having to manage the after math of an influencer’s work drawing unsustainable attention to sensitive ecosystems right next door to your home.

It's a complex problem. Quite like healthcare as we’d learn over the two years we worked to plan, design, and deploy our vision. You can see some of that work on our website today, as we work to tell the story of Day Dream’s benefits through such an experience centric brand, or Small Tourism Enterprise.

It’s at this point many people get overwhelmed. You imagine all the possible ways this could go. Or wonder if it’s just bullshit. You’ll question if this is even something that could be done. You’ll look at me. Look at Daryl. And smile.

You likely doubt we’re the ones to do it.

And I’d say of course not. Definitely not alone, and definitely not all at once.

Over the last 3 years we’ve thought deeply about the challenges our first business model faced here in Hawai’i. From inventory management, sales, marketing, team communication and guidance. We spent time directly listening to communities, while we developed our company. Thinking of ways we could enable tighter controls, and monitoring to ensure companies like ours could safely and sustainably provide services on public lands. How permitting could look if automation was involved. How communities could monitor the economic value and environmental impact of this activities transparently.

You see, in Hawai’i, laws strictly regulate what can, and can’t happen on a beach. We knew our company wouldn’t be greeted with open arms immediately and that was intentional.

You see, the few times people speak up, is when their angry. If you give them something to direct those thoughts you can learn a lot.

So we created a brand, marketed it and listened to reactions. It was becoming clear that local government corruption was bleeding Hawai’i dry. As is the case all over the world really. People in control see the writing on the wall, and likely a few episodes of the waking dead, if not all of them, and their grabbing as many resources as they can stuff into their private jet, yacht, or remote island as they can. They’ll turn off the lights, breed, and hope they come out alive in the end. Don’t believe me… read this.

At this stage in the game it’s not in their best interest that you have a fair wage. They’d prefer you cheap, if they need you at all, and the moment they can reliably trust a robot or artificial intelligence or whatever they lazily craft up, so they can snort cocaine on a remote beach with their buddies, they’ll do it.

The end is nigh.

They’re not wrong, many of us will parish as this planet works to find equilibrium or turn into something else. I heard Mars didn’t always look like that.

And I can’t imagine growing up knowing that your future will likely be underwater, on fire, or shaken beyond repair. Our planet is reacting to our actions. And lack of. Our exploitation of its resources. The balance that makes life so comfortable is no longer there and systems as big as Earth don’t stop quickly.

The future will be very difficult, we won’t be there as we are today if at all. But we can still do something to help ensure that some aspect of humanity, hopefully the better parts make it. And that’s what we found on the beach in Northern California. The mission that would fuel us until we press eject.

We would use our deep knowledge of healthcare to create a company that would leverage similar tech to help small businesses, communities, and people interact in sustainable, resilient ways. Helping communities create dynamic networks that leverage local knowledge, skill, and resources to build resilient lives.

Again, not everything everywhere all at once. It’s a mission to help humanity relearn what we’ve lost. Rebuild what social media destroyed and empower people to overcome the exploitative nature of corrupt governments and corporations we’ve long lost control of.

You’re likely thinking; “Ha! Who’s gonna let you do that?” “Sorry: See Apple, Google, etc.”
“You have no experience in this industry. How will anyone take you seriously?”

Or maybe that’s just my insecurity showing. Either way its another key point. Because of my curious nature, assertive voice, and white male appearance, you’re likely over my shit already. I’ve bumped into a few of you, those who refer to any foreign idea, concept or just generally anything that doesn’t align with your limited by design world view, as “bullshit.”

Don’t get me wrong, there’s A LOT of bullshit out there. It’s advertised and fails to deliver daily, idk if you’ve noticed , but even Apple’s quality control has taken a dip.

And there are two points here; One, stay open. Don’t trust everyone but listen and ask if the concepts they describe exists. Has it demonstrated success, or are there endless sources debunking the ideas? I can tell you we’re not reinventing the wheel, just making technology we know works easier to deploy, use and maintain so smaller more diverse businesses can thrive.

Think critically about anything you take in. And be open to the possibility that someone has a life experience that differs from your own, and perhaps the point of life is to learn to leverage those differences to enhance life for more people. To create sustainable futures that live in balance with the environment, that seek resilience over profit, yet rewards the creator, the innovator, the contributor fairly for their effort.

I’m not describing a foreign concept here. All of this is indeed possible, large corporations are doing it daily. Wal-mart, Apple, all of them. The secret is how they learn from their mistakes quickly and adapt to overcome them. How they collect data to inform product designs and establish new markets. They spend a lot of money improving communication and encourage creativity internally because they know diversity of thought will increase their odds of success. And they aren’t wrong. Their control over our lives proves it.

What Day Dream does is simple. It takes what we’re good at and helps us do it better, consistently in a direction a user sets. It points the power of this corporate intelligence at your personal and professional goals and it helps you create a sustainable, resilient life that rewards creativity and innovation that is unique to your personal experience.


Because we think we’ll have better success if Zack, Elon, and Apple aren’t the only ones at the wheel. And for that to change today, we need to create a company. We have to create a product people want, and we have to leverage those resources to create the future we want.

We think we’ll have better success if we lean in on what we’re good at and focused our collective energy at solving common problems made difficult by political and economic powers that would rather you didn’t.

Okay, but how?

Easy. You. By purchasing our $3.99 app you signal interest. By using our app to design a day trip, an event, or vacation, you demonstrate a preference for our mission, one we can measure. You’re voting.

With your vote, investment comes quickly. Capital funds teams of people with experience we don’t have to help inform the design of our shared ideal state; a fair just culture that rewards creativity and innovation. That supports sustainable behaviors. Provides a space for trust to grow, and communities to thrive. All based around human physical connections that impart context, skills, and experience that will inspire change that future generations can grow from.

So what’s new? The first step on this path has arrived. The ‘My Day Dream: Experience’ mobile application. A first step toward a Lifestyle A.i. focused your preferences, goals, and practices. Right now it’s an easy app to store plans in and share with people. It’s user interface sets the stage for future features that make finding fun things to do easy, safe, and secure all while making the experience of doing those things, easy, fun and personal. It lets you take the day off. Or a few.

It’s a basic app that will soon have content from popular destinations all around the world. Content created and verified by our technology. Content design from the jump to be responsible, protective, and immersive. Our technology makes magic at scale, and it ask everyone to be a part of the mission of making magic for everyone.

This first app helps you store information related to places and businesses you’d like to visit. It provides a space to put those things into context, like a birthday party, or family vacation.

As the app evolves, and with your support and promotion of our story we’ll create a secure, trusted connection between you and the places you visit. Initially, we’ll focus on all the boring stuff, like data accuracy, safety, and security. Our goal is to provide a unified platform for small unique businesses to project their own stories through. Not McDonalds, but would still love the efficiencies that come with their tech? That’s what we’re here for. We’re building an approachable user experience around already proven business intelligence technology, human-in-loop automation, marketing, and resource scheduling.

All those things we spent 20 years developing for acute care hospitals, working to treat people in need of care, we’re using to help communities make the most of managing their popularity while retaining what makes them so popular in the first place.

We’re a Small Company founded by people who have direct experience with the problems we face when traveling, exploring, playing, and working. We want to make the world a better place and we need you to help us do it. Buy our app today. Tell your friends that you’ve found a company that wants to do better and share our website:


It’s with your collective interest we can encourage adoption of these goals. And since we’re working through a for profit model, its far more likely to succeed. No government approval needed to start.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.