What is in a Name?

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What’s in a Name? How did we come up with the name for our business?

Inspired by our first business Beach Day Hawaii a premium beach concierge business that provided everything you needed for a day at the beach. All you really needed to bring was your bathing suit. The idea for Beach Day Hawaii came about from our very own beach days in Northern California. We would spend many weekends at San Gregorio Beach just south of Half Moon Bay. These were not your typical beach days ours included the following necessities:

Shelter from the sun. Check.

Shelter Poles. Check.

Cooler. Check.

Cocktails. Check.

Inflatable Chairs. Check.

Music. Check.

Lunch. Check.

Snacks. Check.

Water. Check.

Sun Block. Check.

Sand Blanket. Check.

Bathing Suit (Optional). Check.

Towels. Check.

Sunglasses. Check.

Yes, that’s a lot of gear to bring to the beach especially considering it all had to be backpacked and carried to the beach. Two backpacks, carrying bulky items and a cooler.

We thought wouldn’t it be great if when you went to the beach while on vacation that you could still have all the comforts of the beach days that we had made for ourselves? Thus, Beach Day Hawaii was born - the ultimate in what a beach day could be. We learned a lot creating our first business. Launched in February 2020 we soon had to close due to the pandemic.

We took all that knowledge creating that business and applied it to our new business.

Our new business was inspired by the need for a cohesive technology that would make it easier to put all the resources that a small tourism enterprise would need into one place.

We needed a trusted marketplace that not only considered what clients are looking for but also gave a consistent fun and easy to use interface for the small business as well inclusion of the communities that are affected most in popular destinations such as Hawaii.

In essence what you would “Day Dream” about the perfect getaway, the easiest way to start a small business, and community feedback.

I would say that Day Dream Technologies was the culmination of the perfect day at the beach and easy to use technology that supports small business with the community in mind.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.