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This will look different.

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Like you, we’re tired of the bullshit. Bullshit enabled by Social Media, Startup Culture, and Political Discourse that does nothing but distract.

So lets lay this out:

Our Government and Corporate America need cheap labor.

How do you keep labor cheap?

First, defund your education system. Check.

Next, deregulate environmental protection and allow corporations, and the military to dump toxic , cancer causing, IQ dropping, physically debilitating chemicals into ground water, into the oceans. No surface left untouched. – Check.

Then comes the medical debt. - Check

Oh not enough… still asking for more?

How about a child you’re not pre-paired for. - Check

Now we’re getting it. That 10 dollars an hour is starting to look real good now.

Want a raise? LOL okay. Show me that degree.

Student Loan debt, with you for life. - check

Value of that education? IDK can you change a tire? Do your owe taxes? Do you know how to cook? Or what goes in to your credit score? Are you overweight? How’s your mental health? Stressed out huh?

It's working.

These things should be easy to address. Create a company that provides the tools you need to navigate and avoid these exploitative systems.

Ooops. Google doesn’t like that.

Shadow ban.

It is virtually impossible for genuinely good ideas from good people to arrive uncut. It’s all watered down. Especially if anyone in control thinks it might actually change the equation in your favor.

The reality is we’ve had the tools all along. You’ve likely used them before. Even designed them for your employer. We know what it takes to change things: Focus, Consistency, Knowledge.

Instead we get Gaslit.

If you still don’t believe me, read up.

Companies created by people like us are forced through a flawed and exploitative system. 80% don’t make it, and the remaining 20% are so diluted they die out soon after… either purchased by Meta and deleted or simply overshadowed by larger corporations that control the search, the store, the network, the device, the market.

Except in one specific situation: Massive Response.

Going viral as they say.

Today going viral is often as easy as filming something we should all be doing: being nice. People love a video of someone doing something nice. Pointing out what should be obvious, like knowing how to cook.

Helping someone recover from crisis. Pausing to support a stranger.

These things go viral because they seem so rare, but they’re not. Happen daily.

When things go viral millions of dollars are raised. Homes are built, debt can disappear, people can focus and balance can be restored.

Sadly though, these wins are often short lived and are few and far between no matter how many cars Mr. Beast gives away.

We love seeing people do better. But doing better ourselves? It’s harder. So much works against us.

Our culture has engineered a feedback loop, one that drags you down while telling you you’re perfect. No notes. No action needed. Just keep doing what you’re doing. No need to show up, we’ve got this.

Because if you think you’re nailing it, and you’re not, it’s more likely you’ll be thrown off when reality hits and wham! Divorce, Addiction, Drama’n Trauma. Likely more debt. Now you’re doing things in allies behind McDonalds, houseless hoping the next bump of whatever that guy gave you kills you.

That’s the view from our apartment window at least. Sound like it’s happening over there too.

So, do you fix this by doing what everyone else is doing? They sure make it sound like it’s required.

No, Pop an addy (focus) and stick with me.

It's not possible for people to overcome this exploitive relationship alone when the cards are stacked against us. So what do we do?

We leverage their game to our advantage.

Build a company that sells the tools we need to find balance. Create a company that respects people, planet, and profits (reward).

Build a company that becomes the largest employer of humanity in human history. Provide the benefits they won’t and pay for it by selling the tech we already have to every person, every small business, every community that wants to create a sustainable and resilient life capable of protecting themselves from our own exploitative behaviors.

As we thought about this company, we determined it could earn trillions of dollars every year by providing business intelligence, automation, and data transparency to people.

Again, it’s not in the establishments best interest for you have free will. A living wage. Time off. No debt. They’ll fight back, but if we collectively back a path forward and stick with it, investing profits back into the mission until more of us are able to spawn new ideas and grow diversity of thought. We will be unstoppable.

We will be the ones they come to asking for permission. We will have the financial influence to regain control of our government. We will have the power to implement the changes necessary to overcome climate change.

The reality is it’s a bad idea to have so few people at the top. Many of them don’t fully understand how the shit they create even works.

They have kids, starve them of experience, send them to schools where they use ChatGPT to write their papers and come out not knowing how to change a tire, cook healthy, manage mental health, or just treat people with decency.

And you know what’s funny. Company’s like ours, the ones pushing for true meaningful, lasting change are the ones flagged as BS and pushed aside. Ignored, because “it can’t be true.” “it must be a scam.” All while spending billions on products created by companies that prefer you stay stressed out and cheap.

Its tough. Social media did it. It’s exposed us to so much produced and filtered content we’ve lost the ability to trust each other.

So reflect and ask. What could happen if you back this idea. What if you paid $3.99 for our simple app and told your friends to do the same.

What if this idea of an easy, fun, personal way to navigate your life became real.

What if pricing transparency was a thing?

What if people were compensated fairly for their work?

What if communities could accurately sense their value and resources to consistently and effectively deploy projects to improve their lives?

What if data transparency created a source of truth we could rely on to filter out noise and allowed to us focus?

What if we could focus our collective power to make meaningful change?

It’s actually possible. And its’ really on you to make happen. I’ve painted a picture of the future. I’ve given you the how, now it’s on you to show up.

It won’t be Bill, or Elon, or any other CEO at Davos getting us out of this one. They’ll retire to their private island or yacht and wait us out.

It’s clear or political system is broken, unable to solve even the most basic of problem.

The solution will come from us collectively and we want to help you overcome the exploitative nature of capitalism to create sustainable balanced lives, because the healthier you are the better off we’ll all be later on.

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