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Take Back Control

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Hey! Thanks for taking a minute from your day to learn about our efforts to create something truly revolutionary for humanity and our collective future. Given what is going on in the world today, it’s really easy to shut down, trust me it’s one of the challenges I found along this entrepreneurial journey, it’s an odd space to pass through and as someone who lived behind the scenes on solutions, it comes with a level of dialog even I struggle to balance as I find my rhythm with creating a technology startup.

I appreciate your patience, I’ve been learning on the job and working to adapt some foreign concepts into my reality, as the kids say.

IDK about you but my news feed is all political. I know why, it’s because I follow and read a lot of political articles. That and a few recipes, travel vlogs, sustainable living YouTube, and drag queens. There are powers embedded in having ADHD that few really appreciate until you’ve lived it. You’re constantly micro sampling your environment, in near-real-time.

Let that sink in. There is rarely a moment in my mind when I’m not thinking about my environment and its impact on my quality of life. And we life a unique life. One not centered around mainstream heteronormative cultural norms.

I’m a 42-year-old, neurodivergent, non-binary entity, who’s physical form expresses a masculine impression based on the culture I exist in. About two years ago I become more public about my personal pronoun preferences (them/they). Pronouns I’d prefer not to use but see value in some context. Having discovered this aspect of myself so late in life it’s just as confusing for me to navigate as I’m sure it is for others where such thoughts or feelings of existence never appeared in view. Not everyone lives in the space of constant exploration, like ADHD minds do. And when you add all the other benefits we’ve been granted simply for existing, it becomes clear we’ve been lied to, and we only have ourselves to blame.

I’m not here to talk about the past. Though our unique lifestyle exposes us to a more diverse stream of information, those streams are still very different than those who have kids or dependents and other economic and social affects that, in many cases, are outside of their control.

We are two privileged white males in the eyes of those external to our minds. And that physical appearance, and the choices’ we’ve made together have enabled a lifestyle focused on our using our talents, knowledge, and experience to improve the existence of others.

And before you start in. NO, I don’t know everything. We aren’t wealthy in currency, but we are wealthy in knowledge and experience and a drive to help others. And rather than have those talents and interest suppressed by a corporation whose best interest is me being cheap and stressed out, I thought I’d throw out an alternative. And maybe. If you like it, we can figure out how to work together to make it happen.

Over the next few months, I’ll work on creating content to elaborate more fully on our concept. We’re a bootstrapped shop here, running on hopes for a better future. Our experience has informed a framework that we believe, if supported by local interest, could be leveraged to support Small Businesses.

For now, I’ll do my best to provide a summary of our company and its products here.

Day Dream Technologies Inc. is a technology startup focused on creating easy to use software and hardware for Small to Medium sized Businesses located in Hawai’i and eventually the world.

The company was founded by Jason Golden, narrator here. And Daryl Smith, Jason’s Husband of 25 years and contributor to Day Dream’s vision of making work easier, sustainable, and rewarding.

We started this journey in 2018, from our home in San Mateo. Prior to moving to Hawai’i, we both worked in healthcare. Daryl worked in the clinical setting, supporting Surgeons during surgery. And I developed a career on the technology side of healthcare. Spending the last 20 years in a community and educational hospital system in Northern California.

We were inspired by our personal mission of helping others, and our experience in our careers to spend the last years of our productive life creating something that could help people live a healthy, productive, and sustainable life.

Just like many of you today, who started ‘Quietly Quitting,’ I felt it a little earlier than you did. In my past career I bumped into similar concerns. I learned what I didn’t want from the experience, and I look forward to creating a company from the ground up that prioritizes human life. I mean, at this point someone should.

Day Dream has a product roadmap that includes Consumers, Small Businesses, and Local Governments. As a startup its goal is to define an MVP product and test its viability in the market.

Here’s a few points we’re considering in our plans:

  • Wayfinding & Routine
  • Menus & Reviews
  • Coordination of Groups
  • Enhanced Transaction Channels
  • Focused Communication

It is our goal to design a software solution that will make it easier for Businesses to produce consistent, trusted service products. We believe that by reducing the technology gap between small and large enterprises we will create a more resilient and robust ecosystem of trusted vendors and happy clients.

Our approach is unique in that we also consider the community these groups find themselves within. As I think we’ve all learned over the last few years, nothing is reliable in an unstable, stressed-out environment. So how do we get better at predicting the failure of human networks and make recovery quicker when the Sh*t inevitably hits the fan?

Day Dream’s products will empower individuals or collaborators to create a diverse collection of revenue streams. The platform will help these users refine their abilities by connecting them with best practice leaders within their spheres of knowledge.

Day Dream is your professional life manager, your recreational life manager, and your community engagement engine. A connected approach that leverages tested approaches in analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human-in-loop automation that comes together to create immersive, high-value experiences in the hospitality and recreation space.

Tomorrow your favorite voice assistant will help you manage your recreational life so you can enjoy it.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.