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Physical ≠ Digital

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It’s been a wild ride lately, seems like every inch of this planet is in conflict. I hope, as you’re reading this, life is cooling down at least for the moment.

Like many of you, we’re disappointed in the direction our country is headed. Our systematic exclusion of people has proven ineffective at sustaining hope, and we’re headed for some hopeless moments.

I don’t blame people for giving up and pressing eject on this whole situation. Everyone is looking for relief from endless chaos that makes it difficult to plan a life or care about others. We see the drama on the horizon, science says its bad. History says we’ll likely switch to fascist leadership in the next 5-10 years, as democratic governments cautious decision making slows our reaction to climate change.

I look forward to a day when our political systems have found balance with technology. Today it seems they’re more interested in exploiting technology to enable their agendas then crafting privacy laws that aren’t drafted by big tech.

You may be thinking, “If you hate big tech so much why are you creating a technology company?” “Don’t you just want to exploit the same loop holes in the name of progress?”

These are questions we should really be asking about any public company, or public figure of leadership or influence. Everyone has an angle. Here’s mine.

Yes, we want to reasonably exploit any loophole that will expedite our efforts to empower everyday people with the information they need to effectively lead a healthy, balanced life. We definitely want to find a different way to market great products and experiences. I’d like to hit skip on fragmented, insecure technology that prioritizes the technology vendors goals over mine. I want a complete solution that makes operating a service business easy, not a decade long road map to one.

Technology is great. Super helpful when it works, and really easy to exploit and weaponize in unique and often subtle ways. As much as we claim to love the “freedom” anonymity provides, it comes with a steep cost. We’re not proposing the end of anonymity, just a second parallel path built on human connection, trust, and social change. Creating balance and space where people can connect, read the room, and make the best decisions.

This isn’t something a lot of governments or company’s want for you. They’d prefer you feel constantly off balance, easy to push. Instead, we offer transparency, responsible data mining, and A.I. developed to helping everyone create sustainable lives that supports creativity and need for innovation and discovery.

The reality is our world is only interested in economically productive human life. Once you cost more to keep alive, our laws make it easy for you to die, find jail, or just be ignored.

Governments are largely controlled by corporate interest. Since Companies are often more focused and better funded than People, you can see why; It’s the difference between your client arriving prepared and someone showing up expecting you to have all the answers. Which one sounds like more work?

We’re in this period of history where people are slowly recognizing the impact climate change will have on their quality of life. Everyone is doing their own calculous and assessing a path forward they could theoretically survive. On a fancy boat with Jeff maybe. Still many more are coming up empty and attributing it to those they see around them continuing behaviors we know to be harmful.

Taking keys to a new Tesla, Road rage, Vandalism, School Shootings, are examples of how American’s fight each other today. It seems many of our youth are literally fighting that war in their classroom. Today any large gathering is a potential target. These trends will continue if we don’t do something quickly, not at the speed of a product roadmap created by a tech company lead by a narcissist. We can’t wait for governments to figure this out. We need solutions now.

Many of the challenges we face today are fueled by the ability to instantly communicate digitally with others. Prior to this, communication could take hours, days, weeks to reach it’s intended recipient, and conversations could span months. Physical objects were associated with communication; handwritten letters on paper neatly folded and placed into envelopes showed the effort taken to send.

When most of our communication was done in a shared space, we had the ability to read the room. To feel each other’s presences and reaction. To process new information together, and to ideate rapidly. Physical connections ensured we developed rock solid trust in each others’ abilities to do the job. When a team member slipped we’d likely be there to support them and quickly recover. Digital connections should not be equated with physical connections based in real life. When we abbreviate you lose people.

I would estimate that 80% of our 8 Billion global population has limited or distant experience with technology today. Sure, many of them have a smartphone, but how many of those have taken the time to fully leverage it’s abilities to automate and inform their life?

This difference has created it’s own class. A group of people who’ve unlocked the code and have tuned its benefits, they work less and accomplish more. It’s like speaking the native language, you navigate complexity quickly and thus live with less stress.

Today we have long established ways of analytics and automation using software and hardware to sense the situation. Large corporations have developed tech to automate and thus make consistent more and more of their production methods. Pushing humans to deal with edge cases, while still writing the code that will see their job eliminated.

Today we have a library of best practice and personal experience to pull from as we develop the world’s first End-to-End Business OS. Focused initially on Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses with Service Centric Menus like Restaurants, Hotels, Parks, Tour Guides, Photographers, Travel Agents, Travel Influencers, Real Estate Agents and beyond. Everyone will find an easy, fun, and personal way to find clients, provide services, and navigate life sustainably.

Day Dream is a company focused on making the complex simple. Creating software that fits in and supports your life. Founded by people who’ve experienced the problem.

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