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Haven’t heard that one in a while. We started a new book. Everything is F*cked: A story about hope. By Mark M.

Just wrapped up a long read about Catherine the Great, another great read providing a ton of context for our current situation. And honestly just an amazing story about someone seeking to improve the lives of others. Before you think all we do is sit around reading history books, bathing in cash over here, we were inspired to read about her story after having watched “The Great” on Hulu during a trial. A series based roughly on Catherine’s life. It’s a loose take, but a funny one. Renewed for season 3, it’s worth checking out.

We’ve read a few of Marks other books and really like his writing style. Having directly observed many of the topics covered, I came out of each book trusting him. I’d strongly recommend his “F*cked” series of books.

I won’t re-tell his text here, but I felt inspired by his works. I mentioned one such phrase in a previous post. As he describes how human brains work through the story of your own brain having two occupants in a vehicle. The Driver, being your “Feeling Brain”, and your “Thinking Brain”, the passenger in your “consciousness car.” We’re now moving on to building our own religion, look for updates.

In this text Mark talks about the relationships between humans, and how humans navigate their reality together and alone. How aspects of ourselves can affect our outcomes more directly than we might realize. The effects of the world on us as individuals and how we as individuals affect the environment, people, and communities around us. Isaac Newton comes up.

Nihilism is the opposite of hope. It forms in the vacuum created when hope dies. Anyone can take on its burden and it’s “friendly” to all invite. It’s a word I hadn’t heard in a long time. Makes sense, companies wouldn’t want you slipping into its warm embrace, you’ll literally BURN THEM DOWN… ha-ha joking.

I’m not sure when I realized this aspect of reality. I know I’ve always needed a mission to inspire me to move. And once my leadership, or direction slips away from that mission I lose interest quickly. It’s likely my neurodivergence found creative ways to keep itself from spinning off into space. Today I have hope that we will find a clever way to enable our communities to build resilient systems and sustainable policies our future can rely on. Before you press eject, let me say this. No one said it had to start in politics. No one said it had to be a government. And I believe it can’t come from those who’ve tried before, much of their handy work is burning to the ground as we speak.

No. This solution must be of us. From Us. And For Us. It will leverage all the clever tricks Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon do. It will make reality manageable again, and it will enable communities to work together to diversify their knowledge, skill, and talent so that they will have the best tools available when their lives are challenged by whatever climate change might bring us tomorrow. We’ll offer the power of consistent, transparent, data.

To do this quick we’ll literally sell it. You’ll buy it. And We’ll need it. For decades since we plugged in the first computer, industries and governments have been building a profile about you in their attempt to guess what you’ll do next. And for decades they’ve sold this idea to you through Facebook, Twitter, and basically everything since.

Your data is valuable. And they process the sh*t out of it so they can guess what you’ll do next.

Now imagine. If you had that capability, to personally see your future. To see what aspects of yourself, your community, your economics directly affect your ability to establish a healthy, sustainable routine just like large corporations do.

You may have heard we’re moving away from buying things that consume other things and take up space long after you lose interest. It’s all about experiences now. Another thing I think they blame us millennials for. Like it’s so awful, getting out into the world… oh wait! It is. From out there I can directly observe the consequences of our actions. Or lack thereof. The plastic bottles. The lives in crisis sleeping on the street. I can see why people stay in.

I can also see why nihilism is taking hold in so many of us. Including your children.

This is the true crisis we face. It’s the virus we’re not talking about enough. We personally felt this change coming in 2016, we noticed a shift in our surroundings. Remember we’re not as distracted as you are right now. From our look-out, we saw this in the distance.

For our future to work we knew we’d need to restore trust. Facebook, Twitter, and all of them really, have consumed what little trust we had left and now everything’s fake. Is the world on fire? We apparently can’t wait to start shooting each other. We’ve taken this approach before. Not very innovative and given how much we brag about being the best. Rolling down a hill instead of powering over it, sounds more like what the “best” of us would do.

So, in the name of overcoming our natural tendencies for grouping. I think we should think about how we can leverage technology to make it visible, help us manage it. And most importantly, turn our differences in to CASH. COLD HARD CASH! The reality is, capitalism wins because capitalism rewards innovation. It’s that innovation, not chaos, that will power the future.

Day Dream will do this. It will provide the crowdsourced, best practice breathing artificial intelligence that will be your partner in life. You’re Teddy Ruxpin. That thing that helps you design your future and achieve your dreams.

The only way we can restore hope, is through direct connection with the world. Through exposure to real moments of caring and demonstrations of growth. Words no longer work; we must now feel. We must restore what our digital lives have destroyed. It will be through experiences together that we will re-learn how to build trust, produce amazing products, develop strong connections, making it easier to create sustainable, resilient, and successful lives.

I know, sounds far-fetched. The reality is it already happening. Much of Day Dream is built on well-defined best practice people often call Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Insert Data Driven Buzz Word Here. Large Corporations have been leveraging similar tech for decades.

What we bring is our humanity, our empathy, and our hope for a brighter more prosperous life for everybody. Doing what we know how to do, making it economically sustainable, and wrapping it in protective policies that favor privacy, security, and resiliency. We hope you’ll join us by joining our waitlist, participating in our beta testing programs and ultimately using our technology to shape a better future for you and yours today.

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