Functions, Features, and Future

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Now that we’re a few weeks into our Public beta and we thought we’d dig into what My Day Dream: Experience does and will do in the future.

First, let’s just acknowledge the elephant in the room. We’re a small team building a solution we’d like to see in the world. A simple way to navigate complexity. A solution that leverages our data for our benefit.

The My Day Dream: Experience app is just the beginning. This early build will focus on 3 core features: Finding Businesses, Creating Plans, and Sharing or Inviting Others.

This is NOT our final form. Our goal in this first version is to demonstrate our unique user interface that allows you to focus on the world around you. Our Live Itinerary will evolve to become the one place you’ll go to know what comes next when exploring your world. Creating a centralized, secure space to navigate, find, and coordinate plans with Others.

Today you can find Businesses and Places and add them to an itinerary. This timeline will become a jumping off point for an immersive brand experience that simplifies transactions with the businesses you visit. As the product evolves it will include content created by Travel Experts and Local Communities that want to share their Story with you.

Our goal is to make travel more transparent, to offer an alternative to solutions from TripAdvisor, or Expedia, or the endless list of sites that provide confusing deals, and questionable reviews. Instead, this group of Travelers wants to build a space they’d feel safe in. Using technology to ensure you’re always informed. Where your data helps create efficient and sustainable travel products that reduce stress for the traveler and the communities and environments you visit.

There are companies much larger than ours exploiting these interests today. Moving money away from popular destination communities into large corporations seeking to profit from distant resources. Instead, we’d like to enable communities to invest in sustainable technology solutions that make operating a service centric business easier. To provide all the best practice solution and business intelligence that take the guess work out of what happens next.

Daryl and I founded Day Dream after exploring the Small Tourism Enterprise space in 2019. We created our own Experience Centric brand here in Oahu and tested it’s services before the pandemic forced a pause. While we waited, we wanted to build a client centric interface that would create a foundation for Brands to share their Story through immersive animation and deep community integration. With Day Dream, Small Businesses can have an “APP” without the work and infrastructure that comes with having an “App.”

Day Dream will provide an enhanced transaction channel between you and the physical businesses you visit. Enabling secure payments, menu personalization, and wayfinding. The goal is to provide a secure, personal space to store your preferences, goals, and practices. Using this data to refine recommendations and optimize travel to reduce wasted time and stress.

Inspired by company’s like Disney and Apple. Our goal is to make technology approachable and easy to use. To help Small Business create immersive Experience Forward products that amaze and can be recreated again and again by an engaged and talented Team of Collaborators that help craft a story your clients will never forget.

We’re leaning on our decades of healthcare technology experience to safe guard your data while leveraging it to reduce friction when you travel or run your business.

As we built out first company, Beach Day Hawai’i, we discovered the tools today were built for people sitting behind desk, not owner operators with multiple roles and demands on their time. Finding and connecting solutions today is expensive as you’ll need to hire specialized, often distant skills to design, maintain, and update your tech FOREVER! It’s why the majority of small businesses just don’t start.

Our goal is to make the experience easier for everyone. From the Client seeing a restful day at the beach with friends, to the Companies and Collaborators that come together to make those moments happen. Day Dream is all about using today’s tech to make life easier.

Please take a moment to check out our early build of My Day Dream: Experience by joining our Public Beta Program. Your feedback at this early stage will help us create a better tomorrow.