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Experience Economy

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Everyday there’s an article that describes how technology is writing humanity out of a job. Robot’s making your food, driving your car, cleaning your dirty house. All jobs we’d likely avoid if we could.

Fear not. There’s work on the horizon. Something robots will likely always fail to do well: Craft unique, immersive experiences centered around all 7 senses.

We’re way off from M3GAN. And I’m not plugging that thing into my life. Next.

Being an Old Millennial I’m always looking for an industry or trend to kill. The Service Industry is begging for it, with no shortage of exploitative behaviors and unsustainable products running wild.

Today we have the Surveillance Economy, with Meta, Apple, Google, and Microsoft leading the way. These companies harness our shared experience with their technology to develop new products and even the markets to sell them within. Meta is simply an acknowledgement that we only have so much earth to go around and pesky laws just stifle their lazy innovations.

As an Old Millennial I appreciate technologies benefits, while appreciating what it sucks at.

And here’s where the Experience Economy comes in.

Recently many popular destinations have recognized these business models are different, more complex and produce high-touch, high-value service products that people can’t stop talking about.

Disney is a brand that stands out. It’s unique design allows it to control all aspects of their fan’s experience.

It's complex to do, Disney built custom software to accomplish it and leverage company’s like Globant to fill gaps.

Their Genie app has received poor reviews as it was clearly about revenue, only promising mild enhancements to the overall experience of visiting one of their properties. Lazy innovation.

As we set off to create our own experience brand in 2019, we learned how difficult it can be to successfully implement technology into our operations, communications, and marketing. As you’ve likely seen, there is a trend toward unification of technology, leaning on End-to-End solutions for businesses and consumers. No one wants 5 different apps to manage their experiences with brands.

After decades in the healthcare technology industry, I appreciate their efforts to protect user data, developing thoughtful tools for controlling what is shared and with who.

Healthcare’s implementation of human-in-loop automation, business intelligence, and communication helps reduce waste and improve outcomes for patients. It empowers communities of healthcare professionals to make fact based decisions when seeking to improve processes, products, and services.

As we worked through our beach concierge business model we found immense overlap between our business needs and those of Surgeons providing care. Small Businesses providing an experience that results in a positive outcome; restoration of health. Or a moment of joy to remember.

Day Dream seeks to do the same for Small-Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) in the service industry. Specifically in the travel and hospitality space.

Given recent events with Southwest, Marriot, Disney and a few others. I suspect consumer confidence in a hotel brands writing secure code is fleeting.

Instead, we offer a purpose-built company creating software that is specifically designed to be easy, fun, and personal to use. Software and Hardware that helps people create amazing experiences that people won’t shut up about.

Pulling from what works, our mission driven company will create tools that anyone can use to navigate their world. Whether their exploring the world or hosting immersive experiences for visiting clients. We’ve focused on making the complex approachable. Thinking deeply about how you’ll install, use, and maintain your brand with our platform. And how your resources and community can work together to create moments that will change the world.

We’re a small team of people who’ve directly experiences the problem. To build Day Dream we need your help. Join our mailing list or our Beta Program and provide feedback on our efforts.

We’ll launching our lifestyle manager this month. The My Day Dream: Experience app will provide a portal into the world you want to explore.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.