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Hey! We’re making progress! We started beta testing and we’re rolling out the program now to all our supporters for feedback. We’re still shooting for early 2023 on both iOS and Android many thanks to Yvo and Zac! .

We’ve been working on refining our user experience. Working to create the foundation for interactions between Day Dream and the Businesses we visit. Starting this way was not our plan A, but we all know how that goes.

Initially, we saw an opportunity within the Small Business technology space. And as someone with extensive information technology background in the healthcare industry, I participated in projects centered around cost control and quality. For much of my career I have been embedded with Nurses and Physicians providing care. It was a career defining moment, and propelled us here.

Starting our first business was an amazing learning experience. We put in over a year planning, testing, and then COVID. We never saw ourselves as ‘Beach Boys’, Beach Day Hawaii was just the first phase in our plan to create a technology company that would make exploring the world with others easy and sustainable.

Like many of you we felt the disconnection in our community. It seems to align with the idea that digital connections between humans is equivalent to physical connections. As the world went digital we lost all of the other information shared in that stream of information between us when we share physical space.

Mark hoped he could overcome this with Meta. Unfortunately for Meta, we believe it will always be so. Humans rely heavily on physical cues to develop trust and we thought we could leverage our experience toward a goal of helping people make more physical connections.

My experience in healthcare taught me that software and hardware can manage a human’s experience for sustained periods of time. It can help reduce cost and improve the consistency of care when employed wisely.

And its in that template we see our challenge, creating technology that helps us live our best lives. Helps you navigate life.

Our Pandemic Plan ensured we remained productive while waiting for businesses to reopen. We know how we’d like our phone to guide us on vacation or when taking day trips. We know we want our phone to help keep important documents secure and close by, help us look out for things we’d enjoy, without having to spend time in our phone micro managing the experience. After all, those moments on remote islands in the Pacific aren’t cheap.

Everyone could use help making sense of a world destabilized by climate change and economic pressures beyond our control. We need a source of truth that provides meaningful data that helps us improve our quality of life now while supporting our efforts to become resilient.

We will leverage best practice technology and develop new ways to make it easier for people of varied backgrounds to wield a tool that can cut through the noise and support their dreams.

Please reach out if this is means something to you. Our team is growing.

P.s. – Like many of you I do not see a company or solution created by someone I trust or has shared some part of my life experience. I’m simply tired of waiting and I have the space and will to try.

Day Dream Technologies will be how we establish trust again.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.