An Entrepreneur Journey

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This entrepreneurial journey has been enlightening for many reasons. We knew we’d learn a lot, that’s why we chose it after decades working for non-profit healthcare systems.

Our first business failed. Well, it didn’t actually fail it was KT’d by the pandemic, its young age contributing to its hibernation. We learned a lot about developing a small business, branding it, and designing its operations to be sustainable, respectful, and profitable. We wanted to create a community responsive business model that helped communities sustainably use their resources and help community members monetize their knowledge, skill, or talent via a collaborative marketplace that values the outcomes great work produces.

We appreciated the challenges places like Hawai’i face, as you’ve likely seen, many people here would prefer we just not. And as someone who recently relocated to Hawai’i for economic purposes that on the surface suggest much of the same, I thought it might help to clarify our intent and why we are here.

First. I’d like to say I agree with the sentiment of many Native Hawaiians. I feel their distress for their culture, a culture that attracted us and many others to Hawai’i in the first place. It’s love and respect for nature and family. It doesn’t hurt that they have a beautiful home. I wish it was possible to restore what was taken and empower places like Hawai’i to take more control over how their local resources are managed. As our environment changes navigating our world will continue to be more complex. Often finding a local beach to visit for the day can be just as stressful as planning a family getaway, and I don’t think that’s necessary any more.

Much of my career centered around the implementation of software and hardware technology into hospital treatment areas. Like operating rooms where surgeries are performed. For many years I was able to directly observe how technology could impact the human experience in a setting most people hope they would never have to visit.
As healthcare transitioned away from paper charts and toward data driven decisions with real-time data. I participated in the ideation of systems that would define how patients would move through these secure and sensitive areas. How staff would be notified when needed to ensure consistent safe care was provided. I helped leaders understand operational challenges and their relationship to patient outcomes and cost. Embedded in intense discussions that worked to define best practices that consider the human experience.

It became clear our new business model had a lot in common with how hospital systems routine resources, monitor processes, and outcomes with the goal of providing consistent safe care to a high volume of clients. It’s a complex system that exists today and I think it can be leveraged to make exploring our world easier. I think it can make owning and operating a small to medium size business easier. I think it can make living in a popular community less stressful and more equitable. I believe places like Hawai’i need these solutions now, and not on the timeline of an external corporation, rather a public benefit company that help all boats rise.

You may be skeptical of whats possible given the state of the world. Our technology has isolated us, and its difficult to imagine how it wouldn’t continue to do so as we talk about creating the metaverse. We're heading in the opposite of sharing physical space. Humans are social creatures; we did not evolve to experience each other and our environment through ones and zeros. We are overwhelmed with noise that is difficult to validate. Before social media we shared space often and we’ve all underestimated the importance of doing so.

"As an introvert, I recognize physical contact with others is required for a healthy, happy existence."

It’s a social gym that helps me relate to others and develop empathy for those who exist without my privilege or resources. It is an opportunity to remind yourself what participating fairly in a democratic system is essential to our existence. It’s why we keep recreating it every time it falls. No one person can be trusted. They couldn’t be trusted when the planet wasn’t hot, on fire, and tossed by storms every day, they can’t be trusted now.

We’re at that point in the story where everyone starts hording cash in hopes their wealth and influence will shield them from the harsh effects of climate change. Their boats will provide life support until those of us left kill each other over what remains.

At least that’s one possible future I see, and from what I’ve read from people who study these things, the next 10-15 years could be really dark. The choices we make today have never been more important.

I’m learning a lot from this moment; I hope you are too. I think its important that we consider our options. How we recover from this. And how we can set ourselves up for resilience to what’s coming. It’s my hope our company will lay the foundation for how humans will reconnect and work together. How we can leverage our competitive nature to invent new services and products that can help us create sustainable equitable and democratic lives together. I look forward to a day where we share space more than tweets, where employees become collaborators and success becomes possible to all.

I’m tired of waiting. If you are to join us on our journey by joining our waitlist of dreamers here.

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