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Effortless Travel Powered by Healthcare Tech

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We’ve been on this journey for a long time. Like many of you we worked nine-to-five jobs for large organizations. We learned a lot along the way and worked in the healthcare industry as they moved from paper medical records to electronic.

To many it may not seem obvious, it didn’t to us at the time. It wasn’t until after we built our first company Beach Day Hawai’i, a concierge service that made days at the beach with friends easy.

The pandemic forced us to close Beach Day, but not before it taught us some valuable lessons. Many of our close friends likely thought we were crazy to move to Hawai’i to become, in their minds, beach boys. We neither looked the part nor expressed any interest in the lifestyle that accompanies the vibe.

No, our goal was to learn, and the quickest way we learn is by doing. After visiting Hawai’i for over a decade, we watched as its popularity grew, and we shared in the local community’s frustration with the lack of management and guardrails to protect sensitive eco systems and resources. In 2019 with just over 10 million visitors, small communities struggled to host hundreds of thousands of people, often without warning, inspired by a viral social media post drawing attention to any given natural wonder someone felt compelled to share.

It’s not that sharing such experiences is bad, it’s the lack of control the community has over how people respond to the content that inspires their visit. Billions of people see a beautiful tropical beach and everyone shows up all at once to experience it for themselves.

We are here for it. We believe more people should connect with nature, and the people around them. Contact theory is the idea that physical exposure to new and different things expands our perceptions of our reality. Through our six senses we take on the experience of sharing space with others. And we grow as a result.

Beach Day Hawai’i’s goal was to leverage software technology to dynamical support local and visitor interest in spending the day at the beach. Our service provided gear, insights, and recommendations to ensure a seamless experience that our clients simply showed up for.

We knew we would need a few different solutions to manage our inventory, team schedules, collaborative partners, and supplies. It’s a complex network of elements that rely on each other to function. At this point things started feeling familiar, as the overlap with our healthcare experience started becoming more and more apparent.

For over a decade I’ve worked in the healthcare information technology space, supporting large Northern California hospitals implementing enterprise software technology that helped them automate routines, support quality monitoring programs, and develop solutions to reduce technical complexity and improve the user experience with some very robust technology systems.

From the very beginning I have worked alongside trained professionals and supported their efforts to reduce cost and improve patient care. To implement reliable systems that protect patients and ensure their complex network of interconnected resources communicating clearly and consistently.

Once it became clear that Beach Day wouldn’t have room to operate during a pandemic we took a moment to reflect on what we learned developing and operationalizing the business model. We were given the chance to test our hypothesis and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Even in 2019 people were overwhelmed with the work involved with bringing people together to enjoy time outdoors. It’s a lot to take on, with sourcing and maintaining equipment, planning for everyones activity preferences, and meal interest. And if you’re not from here, finding a beach can be a risky proposition as hundreds of people are injured every year enjoying a beach in Hawai’i.

In 2020 we founded Day Dream after reading a research article that described what we had experienced; the complexity of existing software solutions for Small Businesses was incredibly expensive and complex to get right. Despite the business model being well established, leveraging technology to improve it was beyond our reach in time, and expense.

As business owners we wanted to focus on our clients and our teams ability to wow them. The less time we could spend behind a computer screen, the better. After listening to the community and connecting with similar business owners we knew a better solution existed and we spent the last 3 years focused on creating one.

For most of my career, and all of Daryl’s we’ve worked in the surgical department of a community hospital. It’s not a relaxing environment, it’s rather high-risk as people move and environments are kept clean to protect patients. I started out scheduling surgeries, and coordinating patients scheduled for elective surgeries. I’m a computer person, not a clinical one. As a kid I remember my single mother working full time while attending nursing school full time. I connected with the mission of healthcare, but I realized it wasn’t built to provide care directly. Instead, I’d support the mission with my experience with computers.

For over a decade I was embedded in large scale, a 14 hospital network, on multi-year projects to implement an electronic medical record called Epic. Epic Systems is a Human Services company that develops software for healthcare providers, hospitals, and the ancillary services that support their activities. It creates modules around specific services lines like obstetrics, emergency rooms, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, cafeteria, housekeeping and quality.

This platform automates, documents, and reports on how specialized people care for other people in the healthcare industry. It’s by no means perfect, but by having it they created a base line they could improve upon.

We began having flashbacks to our experience with surgery and the process of performing procedures on patients and then the light came on.

Day Dream was inspired by healthcare and the challenge places like Hawai’i face managing their popularity. And we learned that many destinations struggle to accurately measure their capacity as so much of the tourism industry remains on paper and disconnected.

We believe a better approach exists, and our first application, My Day Dream: Experience is the first step in an End-to-End solution that help will reduce the risk of travel, smooth the edges, and help communities maximize their capacity to make everyones dreams come true.

Our approach centers around Small Tourism Enterprises; small businesses that rely on multiple services and supplies to create seamless experiences for their clients. Today these businesses rely on phone calls, notes, and a prayer. Tomorrow our software will make the art of crafting seamless experiences easy, fun, and personal for everyone.

My Day Dream: Experience is a simple planning and group coordination tool. Helping you quickly save important details about the fun things you’d like to do with others. It shares an idea of an engaging fun interface that becomes a story telling device for your plans. Enhancing your experience by providing a secure, personalized connection with the places and businesses you visit.

The goal is to create a seamless experience from the moment you start planning, to the moment you return home. Creating an integrated solution that helps you make the best decisions for yourself and negotiate the complexities of traveling with others. So tomorrow with Day Dream the likely hood you’ll enjoy your experience will be far less of a crapshoot and more reliable for everyone.

Fundamentally, the lack of effective technology in Small Business means it’s nearly impossible to define capacity and forecast demand. It is impossible to develop reliable events and market them in advance because so much is invisible to the community.

Day Dream resolves this blind spot by providing small businesses with an easy to deploy and maintain technology platform that automates their routine, makes communication reliable, and reduces operating costs by sharing the burden of the solution with everyone involved.

Small Businesses that implement our Business Connect solution in parallel for pennies a day. Providing approachable tools to digitize their unique menu and develop a digital twin that will be everywhere, all the time, all at once. A single source of truth.

By addressing the technology gap in small business, we improve visibility into a destinations capacity and enable communities to see opportunities in real-time.

With our sensors embedded in multiple business models both supplying and supporting the tourism industry, Day Dream can accurately index a destinations offerings, their status, capacity, and create a dynamic network of skills, knowledge, and experience that can be pulled together to create a seamless experience navigating Hawai’i from arrival to departure.

Imagine booking a week-long vacation with family, friends, or your team with just a tap of a button. Our artificial intelligence guiding you through the development of your ideal itinerary, helping everyone involved navigate and budget their interest.

It’s not impossible. It’s already happening in hospitals all over the world.

Day Dream creates consistency you can rely on. Provides a baseline businesses, consumers, and communities can grow from, and improves the experience of travel by automating the obvious.

With Day Dream’s Destination Connect, brand management and marketing tools, popular places like Hawai’i can automate their marketing, implement dynamic pricing, and automate permitting routines that reduce cost and dynamical shape visitor traffic to the economic and environmental benefit of everyone involved.

Destinations can harmonize their voice, provide consistent trusted guidance to their visitors, provide insights and access to professional development that can diversify their economy and make it responsive to fluctuations in external demand.

The goal is to smooth the flow, to educate, and to improve the outcome. Day Dream’s products acknowledge the realities of our future and works to create opportunities through skill and talent development. Our marketplace of local experiences supports Day Dream’s goals of supporting professionals develop their trade.

Day Dream was founded by a group of concerned citizens. People who’ve lived with the problem. We seek to leverage best practice approaches to client engagement, business intelligence, human-in-loop automation, and resource management to help people navigate a high-risk, and increasingly intricate and expanding global landscape. As our climate becomes more unpredictable, we will rely on computer technologies to see patterns and recommend actions to reinforce resilient sustainable decisions.

Support our efforts to reshape the future by purchasing our first mobile application available on Apple and Android devices now. Join our mailing list to learn about future products and services Day Dream will offer to make exploring your world easier tomorrow.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.