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Creating Supportive Technology that Makes Life Easier

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Not sure if you saw this article recently about a group of Stanford students making $655 off selling their presentation time to companies. It's worth the read and draws attention to the importance of looking beyond established norms and assumptions for profitable ideas.

It caught my eye as we are trying to make money doing good things and I'm always looking for inspiration on how to make that happen.

It's at this point we should pivot to the subject of this new blog entry. A weekly occurrence we're told is necessary to remain relevant to algorithms in search engines. Audience building for our future news.

It's becoming increasingly necessary for any small to medium size business to fully speak "tech" these days to effectively deliver a consistent product to their clients. It's expected. It's expensive. And it's not straight forward.

Let's take Beach Day Hawaii (BDH) for example. The goal with this company was to create a business model that leveraged technology to deploy its services at scale responsibly. This meant we'd need to coordinate a lot of moving parts consistently to be successful.

We knew this would be possible. We would need software and hardware that help us monitor how we operate and use that data to optimize our workflows and reduce waste while improving our client's experience. Our product would need to be affordable and consistent for people to trust it.

Even before the pandemic getting outside was a lot of work. Shade, seating, food, toys for everyone, location selection that is comfortable with good weather. For locals this is second nature, still a lot of work, but comes together quickly. For visitors it can be dangerous. Every year people die on a beach in Hawaii. Despite efforts to educate the public, the reality is, once your brain is on vacation it checks out.

I'm kidding. What I mean is, when stressed we don't make the best choices. Vacations are stressful as we worry about the logistics and timing of events, the preferences of our travel companions, their comfort level or experience with various types of activities. There's a lot going on when we're exploring somewhere new.

As a neurodivergent founder anything outside my own home is overwhelming and requires management. It's work. Don't get me wrong. I love leaving my house. But it really must be worth it and over the years I've found few places are.

When you factor in the cost, logistics, risks, and benefits. The mental barrier for leaving the house becomes higher. You spend less money, you enhance quality of life through skills like cooking, spend more time reading, put a few puzzles together, and before you know it you’re 80, isolated, and hate people.

We need to get out there and we need software that makes that easier to do more often.

Working in healthcare I spent most of my career in observance of nurses, doctors, and technicians using specialized equipment and software to provide care to people in need.

It's a very intense environment lots of stress for everyone involved. We implemented multiple systems that managed billing, purchasing, procedure scheduling, staffing, and reporting to name a few. Hospitals are complex business models that can provide multiple complex services at once, surgery, imaging, laboratory, nutrition, housekeeping, and transportation are some of them.

These services all interact to provide care. Software helps coordinate these resources and collects data to help people providing care see how it can be improve. I was part of the design, development, and ongoing maintenance of these systems in my decades long career.

With all its flaws, our healthcare system has a data collection foundation that helps the industry monitor and improve how it works. It can leverage this collective knowledge globally to improve healthcare everywhere.

Day Dream is the electronic medical record for your life experience. It creates a Personal Experience Record (PER), that records and tries to accurately predict what you'd enjoy doing next.

Like the electronic medical record does for Physicians and Nurses, our system will help small businesses coordinate their services to reduce waste, lower cost, and improve their Client’s experience so they'll tell others and return later.

Day Dream is taking established, proven methods for process improvement and baking them into software anyone with a dream can use. Approachable means easy to use, understand, and wield effectively to reach your personal and professional goals.

Day Dream is a brand agnostic intelligence that creates a personal digital concierge for your recreational life, and a professional coach for the skills & knowledge you seek to monetize via Day Dream’s marketplace of authentic experiences.

Making this technology accessible to everyone means more people have the potential for economic freedom, reducing stress and allowing people to think about innovative behaviors over simple survival.

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My Day Dream: Experience

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