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Consistency Noun

“Conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.” – Google

“Agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole” – Marriam-Webster

“Consistency is key.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Aristotle, and Anthony Robbins.

We agree.

So many amazing companies were created because their founders felt strongly about the solution to their problem.

Often these companies are founded by people who have lived through the problem and exist outside of the loop that perpetuates it. Like moving to a new town or when you notice the smell of your own home. Our brains deleted your nose. Don’t think it can’t edit your reality without your consent.

Day Dream is inspired by a shared problem, one we have collectively created because that is what we know best.

We have created a software and hardware platform though a public benefit technology company that will support the recreational and professional lives of its users.

It will leverage our experience designing, creating, and deploying similar technology in Hospitals. Technology that helped those unique, and expensive resources work together to produce a consistent outcome for clients.

Electronic Medical Records like Epic Systems are complex software and hardware solutions that help medical professionals manage and monitor the care of their clients over time, and as a coordinated team.

Systems like Epic can encompass the entirety of a hospitals operations, from the kitchen, to housekeeping. It manages surgical schedules, pharmacies, billing, and documentation. It enables instant transfer of your medical data between providers all over the world. Its analytics are created to reduce harm, save lives, reduce cost, and even predict the future.

From 2006 through 2019 we participated in the deployment of multiple systems focused on inventory management, billing, scheduling, and quality control. As a project manager for the Stanford Health Care Clinical Business Analytics department, Jason lead their efforts to implement Business Intelligence tools for clinical and business operations users within Stanford's network of Hospitals in Northern California.

Technology exists today to monitor every aspect of your life, when leveraged, it can help hospitals improve patient care and reduce costs. Data that helps people improve the quality of their life. Today many companies process your data to find opportunities to sell you incomplete solutions forcing you to subscribe to mulitple disconnected tools that break easily. Our approach is different. A unified solution that lets own/operators focus on creating innovative products and services by creating technology that is designed for your service product from the moment your client dreams of an experience you provide, to the moment the return home and share their experience with others.

What makes Day Dreams Technology unique? It acknowledges we are flawed, and instead of harvesting your data against you, we us your data to help everyone reach their dreams.

Day Dream thinks about how it can make your day easier and make your dreams come true. Like a health app, we are focused on your preferences, goals, and practices that make up your recreational, professional, and community life so that you can thrive in a consistent, sustainable, and equitable future.

It is through my experience supporting clinical professionals with automation, monitoring, and improvement software and hardware systems in community hospitals, that I found inspiration to create Day Dream Technologies. A company focused on leveraging analytics, human-in-loop automation, and artificial intelligence to support the human experience.

Consistency is key. We want to make it easy to be consistent by creating approachable technology that anyone can use to navigate their world or monetize a skill, knowledge, or experience. Helping everyone leverage their data to navigate their communities and the places they visit efficiently, sustainably, and collectively.

If you'd like to help us make this dream a reality, join our waitlist today.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.