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Change on the Horizon

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There have been numerous conversations as of late on how to evolve traditional tourism into regenerative tourism in Hawaii. these conversations are also happening in other popular over-loved destinations around the world. Commmunities all over the world live in fear of becoming instagram famous and the affect that attention will have on their resources and natural ecosystems.

The pandemic was devastating in many ways but in some ways, it was also restorative not only for human beings but also for all those destinations that were being negatively affected by over tourism. The pandemic gave these areas a reprieve from the damage being done by so many visitors.

The number of tourists that arrived in Hawaii in 2019 was an astounding 10,424,995 people. Wow! That’s way too many people for a smallish island chain with limited resources. Day Dream's technology is focused on helping destinations shape recreational traffic to minimize negative impacts and optimize the economic benefit to communities that create life changing experiences for the world.

Change is on the horizon for Hawaii. In the past tourism has been marketed by the Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau however just recently the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement has been awarded a 2-year tourism marketing contract worth $35 million.

You are probably asking yourself Why does that make a difference?

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement seeks to redefine the Native Hawaiian community’s relationship with the tourism industry.

Day Dream Technologies is in a unique position to offer the technology that would address the issues that these communities like Hawaii face. For the last 3 years our founders have been working to develop a technology platform that can address the inequity service industry economic activity can create.

We are part of the solution to implement regenerative tourism into destinations like Hawaii. Creating an approachable technology platform for Destination Small Tourism Enterprises and related Small Businesses. Making it easy for them to collaborate and consistently share their story with others.

Day Dream will be able to shape the experience that visitors have through the myExperience app making travel easy, fun, and personal with a regenerative approach that considers both businesses and community impact. It creates a trusted marketplace and supports community involvement.

If you would like to support our efforts please share our story with others and consider joining our waitlist, where you can help us shape a better future for everyone.

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