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If you’re looking for details on what our APP does, check out our website.

Here we talk about why we built a COMPANY.

Everyone has an app. We have a mission.

This weekend the Atlantic published an article about our challenges with gun control and mass-shootings. I’d encourage you to read that article first.

In 2016 we saw a shift in our community, as I’m sure you did too. The party was turning, and being political targets as two gay men, we recognized what was coming if we didn’t do something to stop it.

We live an introverted life, we love people, and we appreciate that our culture, environment, and economics do not create a consistent lived experience for people. It’s all over the map. Combine this with advancements in computer and network technology that make it possible for the first time in our history, to fully AVOID human contact in our day-to-day lives.

Think about that for a moment. Considering that humans are by nature social animals and consider that our primary method for socializing today for many of us, is through a highly filtered digital connection.

The article describes context that oddly, I feel is rarely talked about after the shooting. Why they did it. What do they have in common? How does our government adapt its law enforcement policies to detect them and what programs have they implemented in the military to identify and intervene. Surprisingly, it sounds like they do nothing but arm them with lethal knowledge and send them packing.

For us it was clear that we needed to bring people back together in real life, else these tragic events will continue.

Our goal with this COMPANY is to make it easier for people to connect, to share stories, and share experiences that will help impart skills, knowledge, and context. Anyone can build an APP, we want to create a COMPANY.

What that app do?

It does what any app can. It uses code to make a routine easier. In this case our first app is a foundation for how our technology will interact with you while you explore the world. Providing a place to collect dreams, plans, and share them with your circle.

More importantly this COMPANY is driven to make success more accessible. Wrapping complex business intelligence and automation into an easy, fun, and personal mobile device interface that helps guide you through tasks or events. We talk less about the APP because it’s not the most important thing.

As someone who’s passing through entrepreneurship for a specific purpose, I can see why so many people get hung up on “what that app do?” and completely overlook the COMPANY behind it. It’s clear that strategy results in a diverse app store that does little to move the needle on social issue. And we’re here to work on social issues.

As a company we care about people, planet, and profits. And since PEOPLE comes first in that chain… we talk about things that affect how people live and what aspects of our culture and economy negatively affect that experience. Isolation, misinformation, bias, bulling, economic enslavement. It’s endless and modern marketing continues to reinforce them.

Our COMPANY wants to help people connect in real-life. Providing humans with real-time guidance in the palm of their hand that help them take a day off and provide space for reflection. It’s about developing people. 100 million People will lose their jobs to technologies advancement. Yet so few companies are out talking about how we can empower those people to develop their own voice, skills, knowledge, and experience.

We wanted to create a company that invests in people, provides them with advanced software and hardware technology so they can go into the world and change lives for the better. So they can meet others and learn context. So we can share stories and reconnect with reality. So we can develop community, and make meaningful advancements in sustainability and resilience before the worst of climate change is upon us.

APPS are fun, but social change is better. Our COMPANY is focused on software that helps people create successful businesses in the service and hospitality industry. Our first APP is a step in that direction, a client interface that helps everyone create plans and share them with others.

As the COMPANY and its products evolve the goal is to change the system from within. To enable more people to create sustainable, resilient lives that allow them to focus on what’s most important.

If you’re here for an APP, you’ll find it here.

If you’re here for meaningful social change, you’ll find it here also.

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