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Approachable Tech for Experience Forward Small Businesses

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In 2019 we arrived in Hawai’i to start our very first business. After decades in healthcare we wanted to create a business that would help people relax and connect with nature. We spent two years developing, testing, and branding our business. Spent months building, then replacing technical solutions for managing our website, reservation system, and marketing.

As a Small Tourism Enterprise our menu centered around providing services that could take place anywhere on Oahu. We’d leverage local expert knowledge to find the ideal spot for enjoying a day outdoors. To do this we would need software and hardware solutions that help our clients find us, check-in, and place request with our staff. We would need multiple software platforms and the options are overwhelming. Many of them were incomplete and required skills we would have to pay a premium to setup and maintain.

Our experience in healthcare information technology showed us how integrated technology could help us scale our business and keep our product consistent. And since we couldn’t find an integrated solution for our Small Business and with the pandemic pausing our service business, we decided to build one. Our goal is to create an affordable, easy to use software platform that helps these experience forward businesses deploy their menu consistently, keep their guests amazed and help optimize how their story is shared to create sustainable growth.

At this point in my life, I want to spend less time fixing technology and more time just getting things done. I learned through my experience in healthcare information technology that a highly-skilled-non-technical workforce, just wants to do the same. So, it was no surprise that research pointed to a lack of tech adoption by Small Business as a leading cause for marketing and logistical glitches in the travel and hospitality industry. Since Small businesses lack the resources of their corporate competition, they can’t adequality implement and maintain the technology they needed to keep the digital projection of their business accurate and timely.

We want to fix this. Day Dream is focused on bringing powerful automation and analytical tools to the hospitality and service industry for experience forward small to medium sized businesses. We’re starting in Hawai’i because we believe the State has a unique perspective.

Our team is focused on creating approachable technology that helps these businesses create consistent products and services for their clients. Technology that anticipates your client’s needs, coaches your team with actionable analytics and makes information sharing more consistent and trusted. As an Owner/Operator you’ll spend less time fixing your tech and more time innovating your menu and amazing your guests.

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