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A Funny Thing Happened To Me Along The Way…

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Most people have a general idea of what line of work they want to do growing up. As a Boy Scout I had varied interests. I eventually became an Eagle Scout. Towards the middle of high school, I started to lean towards law enforcement. When I reached the age of around sixteen or seventeen, I decided to join the military. I wanted to see what each branch was about and what kind of training they offered. I decided to join the United States Air Force and still interested in law enforcement at this time. The military has different screening requirements for different jobs. One of the tests required for law enforcement was passing a color blindness test – which I failed – I am red to green deficient just slightly enough that I can’t pass the test, but I can tell if an object is “red” or “green”. As you can probably guess law enforcement was out. At this point the USAF told me I could either separate or I could accept another job. I still wanted to serve my country so here were my choices.

  1. Cook
  2. Medical Technician
  3. Supply Technician
  4. Surgical Services Specialist

I was told to rank in interest. I put Surgical Services Specialist as #1 – the only requirement for this job was that you don’t “bite” your fingernails. I got my first choice. You are probably wondering what is a Surgical Services Specialist? A Surgical Services Specialist is known as a Surgical Technician in the civilian world. In the military this job title covers many areas of the surgical department including the main duty of setup, handing instruments, and assisting the surgeon during surgery.

My training consisted of classroom and on the job training. My first permanent station was at Keesler, AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. I was a quick learner and within my first year I was scrubbing one of the most complicated surgeries which was Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (Open Heart Surgery). One of the things I love about this field is that you are constantly learning something new every day. I was like a sponge soaking up all the knowledge I could.

I really wanted to go overseas so when I became eligible, I signed up and six months later I had orders to England. This hospital was much smaller, and the surgeries performed there were less acute. I loved England and spent the free time I had seeing what I could of Europe. After my time in the military, I moved to Florida where I worked as a Surgical Tech and went to college. I then decided that I wanted to see more of the United States, so I became a “traveling” Surgical Tech – traveling to new stated for 13-week assignments at hospitals that are short staffed. I loved it. This also happens to be how I met Jason.

One of my travel assignments took me to Lakeland, Florida. Where I met Jason in an AOL chat room and we have pretty much been in separable since. We would marry in San Francisco many years later when our union was recognized federally.

We ended up moving around quite a bit living in Florida then California before moving to Hawaii we lived in San Mateo, California. This is also where I met Rebecca and Cheyenne who also happen to be two of our advisors at Day Dream Technologies.

During my career we have gone from paper charts to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and I can tell you that the electronic health record has aspects that are very similar to running a small business.

You see - within the EHR system is a Surgeons Preference Card that brings together everything a Surgeon needs to do a surgery.

A space, Staff (Anesthesiologist, Nurse, Surgical Technologist, Radiology Technician etc), Equipment, Instrumentation, Supplies, Vendors and more.

When we decided to form our small business in Hawaii, I began to realize that forming a small business and coordinating a surgical procedure are very similar.

We also began to find that the technology available to entrepreneurs trying to form a small business was just not going to work for our business and it was very difficult to run our business and our technology at the same time especially since we were the only two employees.

We invested heavily in technology when building our business and we found that solutions were made for larger corporate type businesses with the resources able to form a whole department around them or they just simply didn’t work.

When the pandemic came along, we decided to pivot and work towards building technology for small businesses but since all businesses were closed, we decided to work on the consumer facing portion first.

Why a consumer facing app you might ask? We wanted one place that you could interact with businesses without having to download an app and then share personal information with each separate business.

We had first-hand experience as consumers and now we also had the experience of what small business owners need to run their service centric businesses. It’s clear that there needs to be a solution - so why not a solution built by those who have experienced and lived it?

What do small businesses need? Simple to use technology to run their small businesses allowing them to concentrate on their customer’s experience.

At Day Dream Technologies we are going to build it.

I am excited to say that we have already launched the my experience app and it is available on iOS and Android for just $3.99. If you’re looking for an easy, personal, and fun app to find things to do and share with friends this is your ride or die lifestyle app.

This is just the beginning. Helping people do great things.

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My Day Dream: Experience

Fun interactive planning, finding, and sharing of new experiences all while keeping you in the moment. A Lifestyle Manager that keeps you in mind.