A view of Davos in winter.

Like you, we’re tired of the bullshit. Bullshit enabled by Social Media, Startup Culture, and Political Discourse that does nothing but distract.

So lets lay this out:

Our Government and Corporate America need cheap labor.

How do you keep labor cheap?

First, defund your education system. Check.

Next, deregulate ...

A flower centered in frame.

Hey, how’s things? I know, it’s nuts right!? Feels like things are spiraling, so many reasons to be overwhelmed, stressed out, and angry. It’s like someone invented some kind of technology that ask you to be presentation ready 24/7. Like an ill-informed college student found a loop hole in our brains and decided to exploit it for their own personal ...

View of Oil Ship Falls of Clyde in Honolulu harbor at sunset

Everyday there’s an article that describes how technology is writing humanity out of a job. Robot’s making your food, driving your car, cleaning your dirty house. All jobs we’d likely avoid if we could.

Fear not. There’s work on the horizon. Something robots will likely always fail to do well: ...

Jason's Father rowing along the Alafia River in Florida.

I’m originally from Tampa, Florida. For my first 9 on this planet, I lived near the Alafia River. My Father, before his passing at the age of 36, worked as a Park Manager for Lithia Springs Conservation Park. I have many fond memories of exploring that park, it’s natural ...

A person holding a mobile phone with a view of  the Experience App's Home Screen.

It’s been a process getting to this moment. Working on this project for the last, nearly 4 years, most of which, during a global pandemic. We kept busy, focused our platform’s consumer interface. The ‘My Day Dream: Experience’ mobile application.

Since everyone was closed, we thought about how we personally would like to navigate this ...