We’ve been on this journey for a long time. Like many of you we worked nine-to-five jobs for large organizations. We learned a lot along the way and worked in the healthcare industry as they moved from paper medical records to electronic.

To many it may not seem obvious, it didn’t to us at the time. It wasn’t until after we built our first ...

A complex network of interrelated processes described through line art.

The tourism industry is constantly evolving and Small Tourism Enterprises (STEs) must find innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. It can be overwhelming for these small businesses to keep up with the latest trends, especially in a world where technology is advancing at a ...

Daryl enjoying Beach Day's Launch event in February 2020
Team Intro

Most people have a general idea of what line of work they want to do growing up. As a Boy Scout I had varied interests. I eventually became an Eagle Scout. Towards the middle of high school, I started to lean towards law enforcement. When I reached the age of around sixteen or seventeen, I decided to join the military. I wanted to see what each branch ...

A metal and glass floral sculpture at sunset in San Francisco.

I never saw myself here. If you’ve been keeping up with our story you know we spent most of our professional lives in healthcare. I worked in information technology, and Daryl in the operating room.

In 2020 we stumbled upon a major gap in the software technology space for small businesses. Through our experience developing a brand here ...


If you’re looking for details on what our APP does, check out our website.

Here we talk about why we built a COMPANY.

Everyone has an app. We have a mission.

This weekend the Atlantic published an article about our challenges ...