Day Dream is a community collaboration and marketing platform for destination communities.


of travelers are looking for better ways to communicate with agencies and destinations


of travelers are looking for more sustainable ways of traveling


of travelers are looking to build deeper connections

What is it?

Day Dream is a multi-sided platform (MSP) that helps travellers connect to and engage with the communities they’re visiting by utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It takes the same technology used by some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, and re-engineers it to fit the needs of travelers all across the globe.

Day Dream’s app allows travelers to intelligently plan, book, and manage their travel plans in real-time.

Utilize Day Dream to communicate with the people and places they’re visiting in richer, more meaningful ways.

Day Dream’s smart task automation helps minimize the headaches of organizing a trip.

For Travelers


liveItinerary™ is a revolutionary new way to learn about and explore your destination. Get updates in real-time, connect directly with the people and places that make your destination unique, and follow your curiosity to discover hidden gems. All in a single mobile app.

For Small Business


Interact with travelers before they ever step foot on your soil. Use smart human-in-the-loop automation to streamline your operations, and utilize virtualCoach™ to keep your crew on top of things.

For Destinations


Day Dream empowers the communities that sit at the heart of popular destinations to make their voices heard as they address both the positive and negative aspects of tourism in a globalized world.

Want to know more?

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Day Dream is a startup in the early stages of development, but we’re eager to share our progress with travelers all across the globe. Schedule a time to speak with us and get a deeper look at what Day Dream is all about!


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