Software and Hardware technology that connects the dots and creates magic.

Curated Overnight Outdoor Adventures

Day Dream's Cloud Based Intelligence manages the Logistics, Supply Chain, and Team Engagement so you can be the Superhero of your Client's Dreams. Creating high-touch, premium services like our Camp Day Hawai’i concept. It is the embodiment of Small Tourism Enterprises and their ability to adapt quickly to changes in Consumer demand, interest, and skill level.

Restorative Beach Days

Our goal is to make exploring the world easy, fun, and personal. Beach Day Hawaii's development informed how Day Dream would leverage Enterprise Grade Business Intelligence Software and Human-In-Loop Automation to make High-Value, Premium Services like this easy to grow.

Community Connected Events

With Day Dream you can spend less time planning and more time playing. Enabling individuals and established Brands to collaborate to provide innovative experience products that take the complexity out of bringing people together. Game Day makes hosting community sporting events easy.

Magical Experiences for Couples

Day Dream is the ultimate in Small Business Collaboration. Whether it's bringing together multiple brands to create the ideal 'Date Night' or everything you need for an intimate gathering of Friends. You'll spend less time planning and more time enjoying the people and places you'll visit.

Luxury Off-Grid Resort

A sustainable resort concept that lets you try out the latest in off-grid and tiny home technology. A open space concept that focuses on technology that you can bring home. A premium resort experience that doesn't compromise on quality.

Each room demonstrates a manufacturers' latest offerings in auxillary housing products. With a focus on sustainable, resilient systems that leave no trace.

Helping people do great things.

Recover, Restore, Repair

The Day Light Foundation is focused on providing in crisis support. All the buzzwords come together to help people recover, restore, and repair following a catastrophic event.

Career Development 3.0

We're creating Transparent, Supportive Software and Hardware technology that will open a new world of opportunity no matter your background.

Our approachable software makes learning, refining, and monetizing a Skill, Product, or Knowledge easy, fun, and personal.

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Easy, Fun, and Personal.

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