A future where we all win.
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Today your value is calculated by companies interested in paying you less. Policies are crafted to defund your child’s education. Diluting their worth by making life harder.

Medical debt, student loans, reproductive rights, and social pressure to consume more stuff leads immense stress.

Objective feedback can be elusive, and delivery is often key to it’s uptake. Accountability is broken, people are divided and walls are built.

Your data is used to manipulate your experience, to identify opportunities for exploitation by large faceless corporations that harvest it, store it openly, and avoid accountability when their exposed.

Tomorrow things will change as we provide users with insight and guidance that help them navigate life. Automating bureaucratic systems that serve to limit you. Day Dream provides you with the analytics corporations use to assess your worth. It provides you with the means to see how you fit in, where your opportunities lie, and provides transparent best practice guidance on how to attain your dreams.

Tomorrow your benefits follow you. Health insurance, paid time off, retirement is baked into an open marketplace that lets you worry less and innovate more. The unionization of users that will see a shift in social and economic powers we’ve all been waiting for.

Tomorrow you’ll have objective feedback to help you learn and adapt to the world around you. No longer reliant on others to point out your opportunities.

Tomorrow we will have universal accountability that considers all that we are and capable of. We will teach computers to support us and guide us toward a future where stories are shared, and our collective knowledge is harnessed for the good of humanity.

Tomorrow your data works for you. Analytics and Automation that solves real problems and anticipates your need to reduce stress. Helping you adapt to the world around you with analytical powers of large corporations that use it to develop solutions to the problems they created.

Tomorrow you will own your data. Day Dream Technologies will work with governments to advise on policies that will ensure user data is protected. Our healthcare roots will inspire our efforts to develop an ecosystem that works to learn how to responsibly store, process, and guide you. Day Dream Technologies will provide transparency to an opaque industry with fragmented relationships that expose our data to exploration daily. We will show you what it looks like when their tools are pointed at challenges you face everyday, deleting hurdles designed to slow your progress.

Tuesday June 15th, 2021

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