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In the age of QAnon it seems there are no limits to where the mind can take us when we’re creative about it. I personally don’t track many conspiracies, I look at our past as proof; we’re not super good at the consistent behaviors they rely on to be successful, namely our inability to work well together in groups… someone always phones it in, and thats the person that emails the secrets to the public, and thus your well thought out plan to take over the world is ruined.

Don’t worry this isn’t a deconstruction of Q or our fascination with conspiratorial thinking, you’ve got Google and Facebook to teach to you that stuff.

Instead I want to use this post to create my own conspiracy and I’d like to share it with you now.

A company founded by an unknown develops a technology platform that enables the 99% to earn what they are worth. Workers set their value and it leverages technology to measure that value transparently.

This company points this technology at humanitarian causes, freeing people from toxic corporate culture that blocks their growth that seeks more for less at every corner.

Its shareholders are its users. And it’s priority is local. While it thinks global.

This company isn’t driven by limitless growth, but seeks equilibrium and uses science and technology to help Us stay consistent, transparent, and fair, all those things we suck at.

As more of the population becomes users of this new company’s technology, their power grows. The company works to strengthens its users’ position, some might say union like, and it navigates the government like a multi-trillion dollar corporation, lobbying for laws and deals that benefit its interest. It uses all the “tricks of the trade” to improve the lives of its users directly, it does the things government is too slow to implement but we all know are needed.

Universal Basic Income Universal Health Care Universal Retirement Free Education Free Market

This company provides opportunities to anyone who seeks them, it doesn’t care about your past. It provides a path for you to follow and guides you through experiences that help you achieve your goals, like a non-judgmental life coach that reminds you to be better.

It uses our collective knowledge and skill to better each other. People are no longer limited by their leaders assessment of their value and the bias that comes when we grade each other with our limited insight and tendency to overstate our reality.

Instead we leverage technology to enable incremental improvements on real challenges and help us measure our success as we tackle each one. It creates consistency by speaking to us naturally. Connecting us in ways that expand our horizons and share the stories of our past, future, and now.

This company is ruthless in its efforts to find its users opportunities and it intelligently to bring them together at the right time in the right space while protecting our environment from our tendency to over indulge.

It replaces individual leadership roles with algorithms and dials. Boards are elected and users are shareholders. Software updates are laws and profits are returned through Universal Basic Income, Health Care, Retirement, and Free education and people share their stories on a Free Market that keeps everyone accountable.

What does it sale? Your time, talent, skill, and knowledge. It's users are its customers. Why does it do it? To address the challenges our current systems of government and economic theory don't appear willing or capable to change at the pace we need to survive the inevitable climate crisis that awaits this world.

This conspiracy doesn’t require a single human to run. Just lines of code that users can update as they learn more with the data this company produces and shares transparently with its users. Its code is protected, its data is sacred, and its users are always in control.


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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
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