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Keeping up with cutting edge technology within the service centric industry is expensive and the skill needed to support these advancements are not readily available or affordable for small businesses to take advantage of.

It’s also becoming increasingly difficult for us to fully understand how our individual actions contribute to the environments we move through.

As you know large corporations and governments all over the world leverage advanced technology to understand how you think and how you fit into the context of your surroundings.

For decades corporations have been creating profiles for the purpose of informing the development of products and services they offer.

These are often complex computer networks that require advanced degrees and years of applied knowledge to perfect and make useful.

We want to change that.

Tomorrow everyone will have access to the data they need to understand how they fit into the world around them. A tool that will help you navigate your world sustainably and respectfully.

Your data will be used to reduce the work necessary to enjoy amazing personal experiences like birthday with friends or tropical vacations on far away beaches.

Your data will be used to inform complex algorithms tasked with reducing waste and protecting shared resources.

It will be used to help small businesses adapt their offerings to your preferences, and enable them to collaborate to create immersive services that only the 1% had the privilege to enjoy. For you, it will be as simple as taping a button.

So what about work?

It will change, tomorrow Day Dream’s experience app will enable anyone to develop and market a skill or talent and provide them with the tools they need to create a cohesive brand experience that fits into the lives of those who seek them.

We will enable gig economy workers to diversify their work, provide the benefits of traditional employment models by leveraging localized industry data to intelligently adapt local human resource pools to changes in consumer demand or environmental changes in supply.

Day Dream’s experience app lets your chart our own path.


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