Where do you go in your daydreams?

Day Dream Technologies was founded in the belief that there is a better way to travel. A way that values community, privileges authenticity, and prioritizes stewardship.

Travel is a beautiful thing, but in our globalized era where everything has become commodified, traveling in a way that is both socially and ecologically responsible has become a major challenge. Experiencing the world through a new lens can be a transformative experience, but it should transform us, not the communities we visit.

By leveraging the incredible power of AI and automation to connect travelers, destinations, and small businesses, Day Dream is empowering people to indulge their wanderlust like never before.

Our empathetic technology is a complete game changer. The Day Dream suite of apps uses cloud-based intelligence to manage the complexities of travel, while also using deep learning to help local communities adapt to and regulate the strain posed by a mass influx of visitors. This unique approach limits crowds and traffic volume, as well as updates travel plans and itineraries in real-time in response to changing conditions.

All this translates into more informed, more intentional ways to see the world. It’s how you can turn your daydreams into dream days.

myJourney provides travelers with an integrated smart assistant that handles every last detail of their trip and presents it all in one easy-to-follow interface.

myPassion takes advantage of AI to give small businesses access to the same resources and tech as major multinational companies.

myHome empowers local communities to shape the conversation surrounding tourism and the effects it has on their populations and ecosystems.

How It Started

The path that led us here has been as long and winding as a Himalayan mountain pass.


It all began back in 2019, when two healthcare professionals (who also happened to be a loving couple) quit their jobs and moved to Hawai’i to start a beach concierge service. We didn’t want to create just another tourist business totally removed from the local community, though. Sustainability was the primary goal. We wanted to build something that adapted to and respected local traditions, economies, and ecosystems.

We called it Beach Day Hawaii, and it taught us a whole lot about the tourism industry - both the good and the bad. And then, of course, the pandemic hit, and it completely changed our outlook.

For example, we learned that some of the challenges we faced before this pandemic will still exist in the future. In fact, in our ever-changing world, science tells us we are likely to experience more disruptions to travel. Things like climate change, as well as the possibility of future pandemics, will require innovative and flexible thinking. We’ll be posed with the challenge of coordinating information and communicating in highly efficient ways.

In addition to this, we learned that almost all travelers experience a certain amount of stress and anxiety when they are traveling. When you think about it, it makes total sense. You’re in a new, unfamiliar place, with limited access to resources, perhaps even a language barrier, to name just a few of the disorienting things you experience when traveling. Funnily enough, though, these are precisely the things that make travel so exciting and so powerful. We knew there had to be a way to minimize the stressful aspects of these experiences while emphasizing their transformational power.

We were doing a fairly good job - many of the people we helped through Beach Day Hawaii told us that they created incredible memories - but we also began looking for ways to create new approaches to travel. That’s when we stumbled across the power of technology and artificial intelligence.

Into the Future


Beach Day Hawai’i represented an idea of what tourism could look like for travelers in the future: a comprehensive service that required minimal effort on the part of consumers to enjoy. Just show up and relish in the beauty of Hawai’i.

We developed a personalized premium service that would use technology to intelligently craft amazing experiences on the beach that were also sustainable and non-disruptive to local communities.

This technology accurately forecasts, schedules, and adapts to how groups of people, places, and things come together in real-time. Keeping track of all these moving parts is far too complex for the human mind to manage, but for AI, it’s a piece of cake. The end goal is creating an immersive personal experience that feels organic and keeps you in the moment.

By using technology to optimize our business, we found we could operate responsibly and create innovative, visitor-oriented products that allowed our clientele to do breathtaking things while minimizing disruptions to local communities.


Who We Are

Daryl and Jason left successful careers in healthcare, where they worked in both small community clinics and large metropolitan hospitals. Moving from the rugged terrain of Northern California, they set up camp on the lush beaches of Hawaii, where they then created Beach Day Hawai’i, the predecessor to Day Dream Technologies. For many years, their primary focus was in the operating room, where Daryl (left) worked as a surgical technologist, a skill he picked up in the Air Force soon after high school.

Jason (right) worked on administrative and technical systems, first as a scheduler, then as a database administrator, before later becoming a project manager near the end of their time with Stanford Health Care.

Jason’s career as a technical product designer helped them understand the power of technology to provide transformative answers to challenging questions. Jason created multiple innovative tech solutions that helped care teams leverage technology to provide the best care possible, while also utilizing resources responsibly and monitoring outcomes over time.

Jason and Daryl are inspired by the idea of building upon their healthcare experience to design travel technology that will redefine the way people travel with a caring eye lent toward protecting and preserving the places we all love to visit.


Helping people do great things.


Over the past year, they have been dedicated to realizing a vision through Day Dream. It is certainly a lofty one, but it is guided by a holistic mission rooted in empathy and built on powerful technology informed by a vast library of best practices.

C'Ya, Complexity


Day Dream is an app that does what we all want technology to do: make our lives easier.

How does it do this?

By removing complexity from the travel equation. By automating routine tasks that only serve to distract, Day Dream frees up your attention to focus on things that really matter. Like enjoying a life-changing vacation.

myJourney offers travelers a way to easily manage their journeys in the palm of their hands. Access all documents, communicate with businesses and destinations, get real-time updates, and stay aware of your impact on the community - all in one secure app.

Previewing Passion


Day Dream has taken the same powerful technology used by large hospitals to manage their resources and re-imagined it, letting small business owners and staff optimize the logistics of tourism. It makes use of one streamlined interface between travelers, businesses, and destinations to ensure synchronicity.

The Day Dream family of apps helps popular vendors, like restaurants, travel guides, or recreational parks, stay on top of seasonal and year-long trends to anticipate what’s coming next and plan ahead.

The myPassion app provides gig seekers and small businesses alike with the perfect way to seek out customers in an organic, engaging way - all while gaining access to powerfully intuitive insights.

Vacation Brain

Stress induced anxiety and memory loss. Whether at work or on a trip, we all get overwhelmed.

Don't know what you don't know

We call it uninformed expectations, when things don't turn out as expected.

Mood Killers

Or inconsistency in service quality or experience that isn't expected or looked for.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

myPassion reimagines gig work by asking the crucial question: What if we all were our own bosses?

view of vitrual trip crew screen

It’s a platform that helps support individual career goals, provide feedback on how you’re doing, and help local workers thrive. myPassion’s innovative approach to gig work offers you the ability to hone your skills in the tourism industry through coaching, mentorship, and even capital.

Engage and interact with your customers and clients in near real-time. Get instant reactions and observations on how people experienced your service, and use myPassion’s tools and insights to grow, both as a person and a professional.

Are you ready to reimagine your career?

Loving Logistics

Day Dream is the first travel platform to offer destinations a suite of tools they can use to address the challenges posed by hosting large volumes of people. By creating a holistic, empathetic technology that learns and aggregates the preferences and goals travelers demonstrate, Day Dream is able to intelligently shape experiences that benefit everyone involved.

From local farmers, to adventure guides, to indigenous populations, to curious travelers, Day Dream provides everyone with a way to stay connected and informed.

Day Dream’s mission is to create a new way of thinking about travel. We want travelers to be stewards of the destinations they’re exploring, for sustainable travel to become the standard, and for local communities to have a greater say in how tourism affects the places they hold dear. myHome is designed to foster a meaningful dialogue between travelers and destination communities, one that increases the intimacy of the visit, helps minimize the adverse impacts of mass tourism, and that reduces stress across the board.

Creating the Future. Respecting the Past.


Are you a Day Dreamer?

We’re always on the lookout for leaders and developers with a passion for travel and a knack for ingenuity. If you’re interested in helping us build an empathetic platform that forever changes what it means to experience the world, we’d love to meet you.

The Dreamers We Need:

Machine Learning Experts

To help us leverage the power of AI.

Mobile Developers

To help us craft the perfect user experience.

SaaS Engineers

To help create an opportunity engine.


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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

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