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More Than Just a Beach

How did two California boys wind up founding a tech startup from the beaches of Hawaii? It’s a funny story.


Jason isn’t what you’d call the most obvious tech startup founder. They didn’t come from wealth, didn’t attend elite private schools, didn’t go to an Ivy League school, and have Dyslexia, ASD, and ADD. They were just a non-binary high school dropout that had created a successful career in healthcare technology.

Back in 2019, however, Jason started yearning for something new. Encouraged by the loving support of their husband of 23 years, Daryl, Jason traded a high-paying job in California for a completely different lifestyle centered around creating a better future for everyone. How were they going to do that? By channeling their extensive experience designing technology to build solutions for complex problems.


Hawai’i felt like the natural place to start this journey. Since 2006, Jason and Daryl had visited the islands many times. Their hyper-focused ADD minds fell in love with the stillness and tranquility of the natural splendor the archipelago had to offer.

They’ve learned so much from the rich stories these lands have to tell, all inspired by its wonderful people and incredible history. But Hawai’i is not without its struggles. While tourism is a crucial economic lifeblood for the state, it also has disrupted and altered nearly every facet of traditional Hawaiian culture. Witnessing the multi-faceted impact of mass travel on Hawai’i inspired the foundation Day Dream Technologies. We wanted to empower destinations to develop amazing experiences that also preserved tradition and culture while promoting responsible travel.


Day Dream helps places like Hawai’i solve the challenges presented by things like over-tourism and the erasure of local customs by giving them the tools they need to create dynamic responses to changing travel preferences.

Day Dream is not simply the next Expedia or SimpleView. It’s something entirely its own.

Our goal is to place power in the hands of destinations and offer them ways to diversify their skills and resources through a revolutionary new business OS. This platform will enable a deeper level of interactivity and collaboration that inspire innovation.
At its core, Day Dream’s suite of apps are aimed at managing and positively influencing how people experience a destination. On aggregate, it can shape movement patterns, purchasing habits, energy consumption, and much more, to help communities capture the positive benefits of tourism and forgo the negative.

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Right now, we’re hard at work sharing our story and telling the world about the benefits of Day Dream Technologies. We’re also recruiting developers, co-founders, and investors interested in an idea that will enable everyone to experience something new, while creating opportunity that meets you where you are.

Does this sound like a mission you’re interested in helping develop and bring to the world?

Join us in turning daydreams into reality.


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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

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