It's more than a beach.

It's more than a beach.


Jason is not an obvious tech startup founder. They did not come from wealth, and is the product of public schools with a journey that came with challenges and lessons that saw this Dyslexic, ASD, ADD, Non-binary high-school dropout create a successful career in healthcare technology.

They left a six-figure income behind in favor of a different life focused on giving back and creating a better future for everyone with their experience designing technology solutions for complex problems.


Jason did not get here on their own. Jason’s husband of 23 years has stood by them supporting their efforts to create something new. Daryl’s love and support makes their life together possible and they continue to learn so much along the way.

Since 2006 they have visited Hawaii many times, experiencing the islands with the attention of two hyper-focused ADD adults wanting to take in what makes Hawaii so special.

They have learned so much from these great lands, its people, and history. Through its technology Day Dream will empower destinations like Hawai’i to develop amazing experiences that help people travel responsibly all over the world.


Day Dream Technologies answers the challenge places like Hawai’i face; over tourism and now a need to dynamically respond to changes in travel preferences.

Day Dream is not the next Expedia or SimpleView. It’s something completely different.

Its goal is to empower destinations to diversify their skills and resources through a business OS that enables a level of collaboration that will create opportunities to inspire innovation. Connecting businesses and consumers in real-time by providing communities with the data they need to thrive.

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Right now they are hard at work sharing their story and the benefits of Day Dream Technologies while recruiting developers, co-founders, and investors interested in supporting an idea that will enable everyone to experience something new while creating opportunity that meets you where you are.

Seeking to share the history, culture, and nature of popular destinations like Hawai’i. Enabling a narrative based, high-value experiences that inspires care and respect between everyone involved.

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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

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