Have you ever wondered what life in a daydream would be like?

...wonder no longer.

Day Dream Technologies was founded in 2020 and evolved from a beach concierge business located in Hawai’i by two healthcare professionals.

Their technology seeks to be the one app consumers use to experience the world around them. It provides a digital journal in their hand that helps plan, book, and coordinate local and distant experiences with ease.

Day Dream’s empathetic technology changes the game.

It brings together destination small businesses, travelers, and communities through a first of its kind scheduling and communication platform with a family of mobile apps.

Day Dream’s cloud-based intelligence manages the complexities of travel and adapts mass travel to a destination’s economic and environmental needs and limits. This approach reduces crowds by managing the volume and rate of traffic and adapts travel plans in real-time as conditions change, all through a mobile user experience that encourages individuals and groups to give back as they travel.

myJourney handles all the details keeping everyone in the moment.

myPassion gives small business the support and tech of big business.

myHome provides communities a voice.

Feburary 2020


In July of 2019 my husband and I relocated to Hawai’i with the goal of creating a sustainable service business that would adapt to a destinations conditions and empower people to do great things.

Beach Day Hawai’i was our first endeavor developing and operationalizing an experience product and we learned a great deal.

For example, we learned that some of the challenges we faced before this pandemic will still exist in the future. In fact, science tells us we are more likely to experience another pandemic and each time we will be asked to coordinate and communicate accurate information.

We learned that many consumers experience a great deal of stress and anxiety when traveling away from home, or even when planning instagram ready birthday parties on the beach.

Those who experienced our concierge service often commented on how easy it was to create memorable experiences.

It is a lot of pressure to deliver moments, even if you know the neighborhood. The world is growing more complex. Climate change is affecting our quality of life now with people displaced and economic engines needing to be reworked to adapt.

Beach Day Hawai’i stood as an example of the type of service model and products Day Dream Technology would enable. High-touch clairvoyant service that intelligently crafts complete experiences near or far while reducing the negative impact of mass travel on a destination.


Beach Day Hawai’i represented an idea of what tourism could look like in the future for travelers. A service that required little effort on the part of consumers to enjoy. You just show up.

Our personalized premium service would use technology to intelligently craft amazing experiences on the beach.

This technology accurately forecasts, schedules, and adapts how groups of people, places, and things come together in real-time, while creating an immersive personal experience that feels organic and keeps you in the moment.

By using technology to optimize our business we could operate responsibly and create innovative visitor centric products that help people do great things.


Daryl and Jason

Leaving successful careers in healthcare, working in small community hospitals and some not so small. Their focus for many years was in surgery where Daryl (left) worked as a surgical technologist, a skill he picked up in the Air Force soon after high school.

Jason worked on administrative and technical systems as a scheduler at first, then database administrator later as a project manager near the end of their time with Stanford Health Care.

Jason’s career as a technical product designer would see the creation of technical solutions for non-technical clinical specialist. Helping care teams leverage technology to provide the best care possible while using resources responsibly and monitoring outcomes over time.

Jason and Daryl are inspired by the idea of leveraging their healthcare experience to design travel technology that will create a whole new way to travel while protecting the places we all love to visit.


Helping people do great things.


Over the last year they have been working to refine a concept. It is large. It’s also built on existing best practice and designed to be easy to implement.

As a kid Jason experienced technology early on, recognizing the benefits it could bring to healthcare they developed a career deploying it in clinical settings to create consistency in care protocols that improve patient outcomes.

Day Dream is designed to make life easier by providing trusted information right when you need it.

Delete Complexity


Day Dream does what we have all dreamed technology would do some day: Make lives easier by deleting the complexity of routine tasks that require far too much attention and serve only to distract.

myJourney changes that by creating a secure, private mobile application that finds the best experiences near and far then makes them happen.

Calling the passionate


By adopting some of the methods used to manage resources within a clinical setting, Day Dream seeks to optimize the logistics and communication between consumers, small businesses, and destinations.

Providing each population with a personalized, focused view through our family of apps means providing an easy way to know what happens next.

The myPassion app will enable gig seekers and small businesses to maximize their resources and help them develop innovative products their clients expect.

Vacation Brain

Stress induced anxiety and memory loss. Whether at work or on a trip, we all get overwhelmed.

Don't know what you don't know

We call it uninformed expectations, when things don't turn out as expected.

Mood Killers

Or inconsistency in service quality or experience that isn't expected or looked for.

journal, wallet, and local super guide

view of vitrual trip crew screen

For the first time we are attempting to address the challenges popular destinations face when hosting large volumes of people. Creating a holistic, empathetic technology that learns our preferences, goals, and limits to intelligently design local or distant experiences.

Providing everyone with the tools they need to stay connected, informed, and on track.

We want to reduce stress when traveling, help set expectations for what comes next, and ensure everyone has the tools they need to be their best.

A way forward that respects where we came from.

The myPassion app rethinks gig work by asking the question; What if we all just worked for ourselves?

What if there was a platform that would support my economic goals, provided objective feedback, and helped me thrive?

myPassion enables individuals to hone a skill through coaching, mentorship, and even capital. It enables a new kind of accountability that seeks to provide unbiased reactions to performance with the goal of bringing balance.

This is our story. We are inspired to tackle this challenge daily, we see no alternative, we must believe, we must make this right.

If like us you dream of a brighter future for people everywhere. Please consider creating your profile today.

Amazing Advisors

As an early stage startup working with a big idea we have enlisted a few people familiar with the challenges we face. Advisors with experience caring for others, and managing complex interconnected workflows that require timing and utilization of limited resources.


Learning through immserive narrative based travel.

Operations & Training

Advising on the development of user experiences that guide.

Experience Creators

Destination based business owners focused on experience products and services.

Health & Safety

Advising on the development of technology that guides healthy behaviors.


Recruiting those who care.

We are seeking leaders and talented developers to create a new empathetic platform that thinks about the outcome we want to create for people as they engage with the world around them.

Machine Learning

Day Dream will leverage advanced programing to make life easier.

Mobile Developers

Focused on a premium user experience that brings the right information forward at the right time.

SaaS Developers

Creating an opportunity engine focused on empowering people to do great things.

Marketing & Sales

Amplify our message and accelerate our goals.


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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Anatole France

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